School of Grammar Gazette

Issue #28: May 2-6

Silent Dismissal - Feedback requested!!

Let Angela and I know if you have any questions/comments/feedback/suggestions about Silent Dismissal! It seems to be working well, but we aren't in the classrooms with you guys, so let us know if there are any issues you're seeing!

(Optional) Technology Faculty Meeting This Week

There will be an optional Staff Meeting on Tuesday morning at 8am in Exhibition Hall. The focus of the meeting will be to explore different technology options (specifically servers and email, looking at O365 and Google). Your input is valuable! Join us if you can!

Hallway Clean-Up!

Please have students take home their boots this week! All boot trays will be removed and all remaining boots will go in the lost and found on Friday. Thanks for your help reminding students!

360 Reach Survey - Please submit feedback!

As part of my own personal professional development, I am seeking feedback from you! I sent a link 2 weeks ago asking staff to provide feedback about me. The feedback is completely anonymous and will help me see areas of strength and weaknesses to address. Please take a minute to complete the short survey. Let me know if you need me to resend the link! Thank you to those of you that have already submitted feedback - it is much appreciated!

Professional Development Materials

As you know, every teacher receives $500 to go toward professional development, mostly in the form of workshops. If you would like, up to $100 can be spent on professional development resources (books, videos, materials, etc.). If you would like to purchase any materials to further your professional development, please fill out the "Request for Professional Development" form, which can be found on the faculty page of the Nova website or here.

Upcoming Events!

Tuesday, May 3: NPTO Meeting @ 4pm

Friday, May 6: Sleepover at Nova

Saturday, May 14: Nova Classic Run & Carnival

High Fives!

From Brooke: High Five to Ms. Knudsen & Ms. Larsen for organizing and hosting a fabulous virtue assembly!

IT'S TRUE - Elementary Teachers are ROCKSTARS!!