Team Hill's HERO's Monthly Review


Here is your month at a glance

January was a difficult month for a few reasons, but also exciting! Typically the "J" months are tougher, it was right after the holidays and the last month of the catalogue. BUT we were motivated to earn the Ready Set Sell incentive and then were surprised by the End of Season Sale! We ended the month with a total Team Sales of $17, 443!

Together we entered 36 party orders - these may not be actual home parties but hopefully the majority of them are :)

Director's Corner

I think it's important that you know how I do each month, so whether it's just to see that I am also actively working my business, or to look towards what you need to do in a Leadership position, here are my monthly stats.

PV of $2188

Party orders were 4

I did not add any new team members this month :( I was expecting to but they changed their minds.

Working for Leadership

We had an amazing 7 ladies who had total sales over $1000 PV in January! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jeanette Fisher, Michelle Harbers, Julie Dunlop, Theresa Wilson, Andrea Loughlean, Kendra Foran and Tiffany Morley (in order of how they show up in my downline report)!!!!!!!!!

To be a Director you need to have $1000 PV, $4000 team sales and 4 PEQAs (personally enrolled qualified active recruits). You are all well on your way, so keep up the fantastic work!!! If you ever have any questions about climbing the 31 ladder please let me know and I would be happy to explain it or work with you on your goals.

I hope you are registered for the February Better Together Event coming soon! Whether you are attending my meeting (Feb. 27) or someone else's, go with a positive attitude ready to make friends and learn from others,!

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