Being a Marine Chemist

A Flexible and Interesting Career!

Job Description

They deal with chemical reactions that happen in the ocean (as well as the sea floor). They mainly study the chemical composition of water.

What A Marine Chemist Does

More About Marine Chemists


Why Marine Chemistry Is Necessary

1. This career is necessary for research in other sectors of oceanography

2. Necessary for determining the chemical makeup of different ocean which is important for other sectors of oceanography

3. Necessary for studying organisms that are chemo-synthetic.

Current Need For Marine Chemists

There is a demand in a vast variety of sectors. For example there is a large need for marine chemists in oil related businesses.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Marine Chemist


1. Can work in a variety of locations

2. Has a higher salary than the average chemist


1. Often requires a doctorate or master’s degree

2. Is very multidisciplinary.