Mac and Vaughan's Day

August 7 2014

Big day at the Read house!

Today is a busy fun day! If we get all your stuff done , you will get to vacuum your bedroom and clean the kids' bathroom!

Vaughan and McClintock are busy boys!

Thursday, Aug. 7th, 7:30am-8:30pm

915 Anderson Mill

Vicksburg, MI

You have lots of stuff to do today! Today, William comes over for school time. You need to go to Grandma and Grandpa's to bring in the mail, water their plants, and go swimming. Dad loves the way Mac likes to clean the living room. It always makes Mom smile when Vaughan gives her a stuffed animal to sleep with at night! Thanks you for all the wonderful job during school time!

Our Busy Day!

7:30 Dress and make Mom's Bed

7:45 Breakfast- fluffy bread (Mac's medication)

8:15 Mac-subtraction, Vaughan-reading program

8:45 Dog poop

9:00 Vaughan- read with Mom, Mac-shape puzzle

9:15 Start laundry

9:30 Mac-Grammar, Vaughan-trucks

10:00 William comes over for tutoring time

Vaughan- Leap Frog Reading, Mac- addition, William- subtraction

10:30 Reading Time!

10:45 Mac & William- Spell It/Glue It, Vaughan- jigsaw puzzle

11:00 Batting Practice

11:15 Mac & William- Contractions, Vaughan- Spell It/Glue It

11:30 Pop Corn Read

11:45 Dump Truck Math

12:00 Good Bye William

Lunch time! Pancakes!

1:00 Water plants at Grandma and Grandpa's house and swimming

2:30 Shopping

3:30 Bike ride

4:00 Vacuum bedrooms and fold laundry

4:15 RescueBots

4:45 Bath time

5:00 Legos

5:30ish Dad comes home

Play with Dad!

6:00 Help Dad cook

6:15 Dinner time

6:45 Legos

7:15 Mac read with Dad, Vaughan read with Mom

7:30 TV with Dad

8:15 Brush teeth

8:30 Bedtime