About Fabian Nava

My life, hobbies and family


Centuries by FallOutBoy

Where am I

My name is Fabian. I got 3 brothers and 1 sister and this is about me.

Where & when I was born

I was born at California. It was June/02/2001 at 5:09 room 53.

3 months later

My mom was going to Mexico I didn't wanted to go so I stayed with my aunt and uncle and I started to call them Mom and Dad. later on i can still see my real Mom and brothers and sister.

My frist time going to school

It was kinda hard at first i was nerves then it was gone. People started to bully me but i just smiled when they did. i didn't feel bad i just felt confused. Later on I made some friends by being the fastest at running my first friend was Saul. later on we didn't handout no more. Its been going great I have more friends now and happy.

My favorite things

My favorite team in the NFL is the Eagles collage OU.
My favorite my Mom and Dad was my new dog Dukey.
My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite place to be is at my friends home or cousin.
My other favorite thing is going outside having fun shooting basketball.
Oklahoma Football 2014-15 Trailer "Boomer Sooner"
NFL Team Montages- Philadelphia Eagles
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My cousin up there

Where I will go

Sunday, Dec. 21st, 3:15am


my family might go there for Christmas

Where I go to school

I go to school at SWH. they have nice teachers there. Its really fun there. I think its a great school. LETS GO MUSTANGS!!!!!!!
SWH "Shake it Off" 5 Second Dance