Black Germans

Who were they?

They were the children of German women and black French soldiers but Hitler called them Rhineland Bastards.(they were also a mixed race which Hitler did not like)

Why did Hitler want to eliminate them?

Hitler Forcibly sterilized them because he said they were an insult to the German nation and he said that it was a Jewish plot. He also did not want a mixed race in Germany.

What happened to them?

The children were taken from their schools and there parents and they were sent to a hospital were Hitler Forcibly sterilized them. This happened to about 400 children(boys&girls) in Rhineland.

By: Skyler,Iesha,Sasha

Forced Sterilization

This is the process of permanently ending someone's ability to reproduce without his or hers consents.

Rhineland Bastards

Was a derogatory term used by the Nazis to describe Afro -German children mixed of German and African parentage.