Isaiah Washington 6th Period


During the 1800's began acting and writing plays, and then joined a London Theater company.Shakespeare began writing poetry, both long narratives and short sonnets.

Place And City Of Birth

Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon in England. At the age of Eighteen he married a lady name Anne Hathaway, A farmer's daughter . In 1592 when an outbreak of the bubonic plague closed London's theaters, Only 5 years later Shakespeare's Success and popularity continued. Only 5 years later Shakespeare success led him into a business ventured to open the Globe Theater, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I. In Addition to writing and acting, he also invested in a number of London business including a second theater, The Blackfriars Gatehouse. He died two years after he published his last play in 1614.


1.Society changed because people became more interested in poems and sonnets.

2.He created plays and books

3.It can create change by believing in your work and making new things for the world.