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My Opinions on Media!


I believe the media is a huge source of information that sometimes can be misleading or not always very honest. The media can also help keep you up to date on fashions trends or celebrity gossip. This in my opinion is completely pointless. Now I think the actual news to be a form of media. For example, the channel 2 action news where it gives you whether or throws yet another murder case at you. Media like magazines and commercials tells you that if you don’t use this product you aren’t beautiful or the seven things you don’t want to eat before going to bed. The media overall is sort of like what so called “society” thinks and is put into print or advertisements. My favorite type of media is newspaper because they always put some outrageous headline on the front to grab your attention and that’s usually the only semi-decent story in the entire thing. It goes from, Serial killer kills 12 people with a cat!, to old man sits at home and does nothing…. I find it amusing. The comics aren’t bad either. Now, what does it mean to be media literate? I think it means you are up to date with fashion, celebrities and a whole bunch of pointless stuff like that. Now on the other hand, you could be media literate and know a lot about the weather or what highway to stay off of because of a collision. That would be helpful vs time wasting. Thank you for listening to me ramble.

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains 'Rendezvous' | Jaguar USA

Super Bowl Precis

The Jaguar big game commercial was aired during the February 2014 super bowl by the USA Jaguar corporation. The commercial questions why in popular films the villains are usually played by British males and offers some controversial answers as well as showing off the newest model of Jaguar vehicles. The publisher of this commercial is trying to relate the jaguar vehicle with British villains in order to convey the car as a more sophisticated, high-end vehicle. The commercial's tone is a sophisticated, theatrical tone gauged toward high income males who are interested in high-end cars.

The Five

Five ordinary things people do every day that should be punished.

In my opinion some things that people do on a regular basis without thinking twice about it should be punished to the extent of the law. Here is a list of the five things that are common in society that are vulgar, rude and downright awful. The list will be in order from the most minimalistic social crimes then in descending order to the worst. There will also be unusual punishments for the crimes.

1. Mouth breathers- People who instead of breathing through their nose like a normal civilized person, breathe through their mouths, making obnoxious sounds. The punishment for this crime would be forcing the accused mouth breather to stand in a chicken coop and have to solely breathe through their noses for a whole hour.

2. Open Sneezers- People who find it amusing when they have to sneeze to project their spit, mucus, and germs in front of them in a 180 degree radius, coating everything and anything in its path. These personal hygiene offenders should have to have to walk down a line of 10-20 people about to sneeze and allow them to sneeze on his/her face.

3. Hallway Offenders- Anything from big groups stuck randomly in the hallway to the people who think its ok to have a Roly Book Bag in high school. I absolutely hate people that just form big groups in the hallway and talk about random nonsense and gossip. I also dislike people who are slow walkers, the people that think it is ok to be late for their next class. Slow walkers should be punished by having to always be early to class. For big groups they should be punished by publicly doing the Macarena before going into their group.

4. Obnoxiously Tall People- The really tall people who like to sit right in front of you during a sporting event or movie. You can’t see past them no matter which way you contort your body and squint. These people should have a designated section in which they must sit in.

5. Smackers- People who assume its ok to chew with their mouth wide open and make consistently annoying sounds, This covers gum as well. These people should be punished by having to have somebody smack them in the face every time they make a smacking noise with their food or gum.

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Theme Song

The song Radioactive by imagine dragons would be a perfect theme song for 1984 because the song is suggesting the longing for the overthrow of a terrible tyrant. It talks about preparations and the level of difficulty it will be to obtain this goal. In the music video it shows one particular man with a very powerful creature that has beaten every opponent thus far This to me symbolizes the big brother in 1984. Everybody starts to laugh when the next challenger comes up with a little pink creature. It turns out this underdog beat the undefeated and his rule. She then took the key from the man and released her friends and dropped the man down into the pit where he had dropped all of the other defeated creatures. This is what Winston tried to do in 1984 but never could.

Final Smore Entry

My opinions on Media literacy have changed. I used to think most of media literacy was pointless gossip, but know i realize it is so much more. Its how people receive and tell information. It is quite necessary in peoples everyday lives. In fact i use social media everyday without even realizing it. I myself am quite dependent on the media and the information being shared.

Over the semester, media literacy has taught me how to understand the influence of all media, whether it be social media or even news articles. It has taught me how to understand and pick of the positive and negative effects of social media as well as how to pick out the biased opinions some media throws at you. This course has taught me how to understand the meaning of satire in terms of understanding what the message is to receive and what content should be considered a joke and what should be taken seriously. This class has taught me to understand the effects social media has on me and that any content I post online will follow me as a permanent tattoo throughout my life. The book 1984 and the movie V for Vendetta taught me that the government has an unimaginable amount of power which can make you believe anything but despite that we should stand up against the evil in the world. The reason why these dystopian stories are so scary is because they could happen in the real world.

From this class I will take away many skills one of which is how to compose a successful and factual preci to describe any piece of writing. Frist when the preci was introduced to us, it was a hard concept to understand. There were so many rules that had to be followed to a T or it would be faulty and not correct. I liked using the method of a preci to get my opinions about a specific article out there. Using a preci with my writing made the text more factually correct and mature.

In most language arts classes, you would get vocab and specific page numbers you had to read and was very hand-fed to you. You would receive the information then you had to memorize it and throw it back up onto the test or quiz. This class was very different, you could use your own opinions and work your own personality into many of the assignments. This class focused on learning how media literacy can influence in the society, rather than focusing on taking tests, quizzes, and testing my vocabulary. In my opinion, this class was way better compared to the language arts classes because it taught us skills that we will be using in the future whether it is in a job or in college. Also I really enjoyed the fact that this class was similar to an online class because this is the format we will be using in some college courses.

Overall this class was awesome thanks to Ms. Hicks hard fist type of execution, which made me realize I needed this class to graduate and made me see that it wasn’t so bad. To improve on this class I would ensure you could put as much personality and character in our assignments meaning more options for students that didn’t like the set in stone rules of the class.

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