Mighty Blue Whales

By Ariana Adams


Imagine, you are diving in the clear and clean waters by the Great Barrier Reef and suddenly, you feel the water move. You quickly turn around and you see the gigantic Blue Whale. This massive creature has an amazing appearance, an interesting diet, and lives in some fascinating habitats. The Blue Whale is really unique.


In conclusion this mighty dweller is an outstanding creature. It has a marvelous appearance, a stupendous diet, and a wonderful habitat. The Blue Whale Is a mammal that is simply spectacular!

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This diorama is of a coral reef. There is a crab, a clam, a parrot fish, coral, seaweed,a sponge, a jellyfish, a blue whale on top, a sea turtle,and other fish and decorations.

Go Fish

In the Go Fish activity we got to buy a fish tank, supplies, and fish. We got a budget of $250. I chose 4 fish. They were the Red Tail Shark, a Puffer Fish, a Black Ghost Knife Fish, and an Upside Down Cat Fish. All of the fish are tropical fish. I would need 20 gallons of water to hold all the fish. My total cost of every thing was $218.87.

Chef's Corner

Grilled Kangaroo

Grilled kangaroo is a meal that they eat in Australia. You can eat grilled kangaroo with many different vegetables. They can be seasoned with garlic, pepper, Juniper, and rosemary. You can also eat it with fruits such as plums, red currant, and orange.


  1. 4 kangaroo fillets

  2. 5 whole star anise

  3. ¼ cup soy sauce

  4. ¼ cup of sichuan pepper

  5. 2 tablespoons peanut oil


Grind star anise into fine powder with a mortar and pestle. Lightly grind sichuan pepper (enough to break the pieces down to around a quarter of their original size).

Mix all ingredients and marinate for at least 2 hours – overnight if possible.

Sear on one side for about 30 seconds. Turn and leave for 3 minutes. Turn again and leave for another 3 minutes.

Cover and rest meat for around 8 minutes. If resting in the oven, reduce time on the grill by a minute each side.


Kangaroo was a main source of protein for the local Aboriginal tribes that lived in Australia. People were not allowed to eat kangaroo meat until 1980. If you did hunt kangaroo and kill it to eat it, that would then be considered as poaching before the law was passed. Now so many people eat kangaroo meat.

When is it eaten:

It is mainly eaten during lunch and dinner.