Ontario Primary School

OP News Blast - September 19

OP's First School-Wide Assembly

It was exciting to gather for our first school assembly of the new school year on Friday, September 16! Our new kindergarten students as well as any new student who came to OP this year received a special Wayne shirt. We encourage our students to wear their Wayne shirt or school colors at our assemblies throughout the year.

We were very proud of how our students demonstrated RESPECT and school spirit in our opening assembly. Each month our school focuses on a different character trait and this morning our students learned about respect. The assembly began with a fun and interactive song "Respect." You may want to have your child share this song with you as they have been practicing this in music classes and did a wonderful job this morning!

Our vertical teams were introduced this morning. Our vertical teams are made up of K, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms that get together one time each month to discuss the character trait introduced for the month and engage in a fun activity together that is related to the trait. It is powerful to have a mix of grade levels together so our older students can be positive role models and friends to our younger students.

Our assembly concluded with Mrs. Groff and Ms. Balta introducing students to "Bucket Filling" behaviors. OP is a bucket filling school that promotes positive behaviors and traits! We have already noted so many of our students filling buckets by demonstrating the traits we will focus on this year: citizenship, respect, caring and compassion, perseverance, tolerance, and responsibility. Our students are quickly learning to be bucket fillers and we love catching them doing the right thing even when they don't think anyone is watching!

I want to thank our Kids Under Construction Committee members who are dedicated to planning the assemblies and activities and all staff for promoting positive character in our school!

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Our teachers gathered at the front as each vertical team was introduced to our students to let students know what classrooms they will be working with this year!

Our students learned how to be bucket fillers during our assembly from Mrs. Groff and Ms. Balta.

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Below is a kindergarten class attending music where they were being introduced to the tambourine and had fun learning two different ways to use the instrument to make music!

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STAR Assessments are Administered Across K-2

All of our students are taking the STAR assessment in the computer lab. Our K-1st grade students take a STAR Early Literacy Assessment that is an auditory assessment with combined questions to assess literacy and math skills. The 2nd grade students take two separate assessments; one in reading and one in math, that requires them to read questions and respond on the computer. These allow us to assess individual skills in the areas of literacy and numeracy. We don't expect students to prepare for the assessments but we do encourage them to come to school and put forth their best effort. We utilize the assessment results to plan instruction, organize groups, and determine students who need academic intervention services (AIS) or enrichment to support them to meet grade-level expectations in both ELA and math.

We will administer the STAR assessment three times throughout the year. This allows us to monitor their skills and growth as the year progresses so we can best respond to their needs.

Our 1st Grade Students are Developing Writing Communities in the Classroom

All of our classrooms will be focusing on writing skills across the curriculum. During my visit to Mrs. Fralick's 1st grade class, I was impressed to see student enthusiasm and skills in writing! They began using the "Author's Chair" by selecting one of their writing pieces to share with classmates. Students demonstrated their whole body listening skills and asked questions about the story shared and also gave their classmates some feedback about what they liked about their story.
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Students read their stories and selected one to share with classmates. Mrs. Fralick is explaining procedures for sharing their story using the "Author's Chair."

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Our Students are Training for the Cross Country Fun Run

I want to thank our physical education teachers, Tracy Watson and Tim Burlee, who are focusing on fitness and getting our students ready for the Annual Cross Country Fun Run! Please see some details below about this exciting event:

A super fun event is coming up at the end of September and we hope to see you there!!!

What: The 21st Annual Mass Special Cross Country Fun Run!

When: Friday, September 30, 2016

Where: OP trails

Who: All OP students in grades K-2

Why: To create an authentic environment that encourages our students to enjoy the spirit of running.

Time: Kindergartners 9:00-9:45

First Graders 9:50-10:50

Second Graders 1:45-2:45

Details: The students in the first and second grade are placed in heats of children with equal ability. A prize is awarded to ALL children that finish the entire trail and report to their adult coach. Kindergarten children enjoy the freedom of running part 1 of the trail and finish with playground play.

* Please be on the watch for a parent letter and sign out form coming home early next week. *

This event has become a favorite OP tradition and we encourage you and your family to come out and cheer on all of our young “Forrest Gumps!”

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Students are enthusiastically training for the Fun Run in their physical education classes in anticipation of our Cross Country Fun Run!

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Our physical education teachers spent the first week teaching children about playground safety.

Students learned all about the different equipment on our playground and how to use it safely. All students will bring home a playground license that reviews the rules. I encourage you to ask your child to share some of the rules to partner with us on the importance of safety and return the signed licence. It is so beneficial when we partner together! Our students really enjoy their recess time on our OP playground.
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Upcoming Dates - Mark your Calendar

September 19 PTO meeting (6:30 - 7:30 p.m. @ OP Cafeteria)

September 23 Homecoming Parade @ 5 p.m. at Fireman's Field (students are welcome to march in the parade but must be accompanied by a parent/adult)

September 28 School Picture Day

September 29 Open House (5:30 - 6:30 p.m.)

September 30 Cross Country Fun Run for all Students

October 13 Parent Night - Promoting Success for ALL Students (letter coming home this week )

October 20 Grandparent's Day (more details to follow)

Safety Remains a Top Priority at OP:

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for all learners continues to be a priority in our school! In addition to our character building, we also focus on emergency preparedness through completing necessary drills as well as follow procedures for dropping off and picking up students.

Please review the following guidelines regarding our drop-off and pick-up procedures at OP:

Parent drop off should occur at our North parking lot to avoid being in the bus loop during our bus drop-off time. There is an adult at the door beginning at 8:30 a.m. If you drop off anytime after 8:45 a.m., you will need to park and sign your child in at our main office.

A note should be sent in to indicate if you are picking up your child, have designated an approved adult to pick up your child, or if you are assigning your child to a different bus. Notes should be submitted in the morning so we can assure your child gets to the intended location. Please use the form that is included in the monthly OP/OE newsletter. This can be accessed on our website by selecting newsletter on the left margin.

Any parent or guardian who picks up students at the end of the day should be prepared to show your identification (driver's license). We appreciate your understanding as this to maintain a safe environment for all students.

Pick up in the afternoon should be at 2:50 p.m. Parents/guardians are required to remain in the foyer area until the student comes down and must sign them out on the sheet provided.

Please refer to our district website for our policy regarding the Release of Students from School During the School Day.

As always, we truly thank you for your partnership with our school to make this a successful and fun year of learning for your child! We have just started utilizing Twitter to share out learning in our classrooms. Follow us @tatro_pamela or search #WayneOP. Sincerely, Pam