the god of nature & alcohol

History of the God of Wine

  • Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, is the son of Zeus, the god of thunder, and Semele, a mere mortal, daughter of the King of Thebes.
  • Hera, Zeus' wife and sister, got jealous because Zeus cheated on her and smote Semele by showing her Zeus' true form
  • Dionysus' birth was strange, making him difficult to fit in on Mount Olympus, the city of the gods.

Dionysus is the god of...

  • the grape harvest
  • wine, wine making, and alcohol
  • madness, fertility, and theater


Dionysus is usually pictured with a glass of wine, a grape vine, and a crown of leaves

How is Dionysus pictured in the Odyssey?

Dionysus is just pictured as a regular god in the Odyssey, the god of vines and grapes. He is represented as a drunken, bearded figure wearing either a leopard or fawn skin.


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