never gave up

Alvaro Guzman

6th grade

Middle school were the worst of years all I did was get in trouble and do bad stuff. I didn’t trust anyone and no one trusted me. The teachers always yelled at me told me that I had more ahead of me and that I had lots of potential. I didn’t car eat all I just told them I wanted to drop out and work. I didn’t need an education.

7th and 8th grade year

I didn’t care about anyone or anything except my family I just wanted to work and help them with the bills and stuff I wanted to put my siblings through college and I just want them to have a brighter future I don’t ever want them to suffer. I want to buy my mom a house that she has always wanted.

Coming into the end of 8th grade I noticed that I was going to get nowhere if I didn’t study and go to college. I was going to end up working at a McDonald if I didn’t prepare myself for something greater. I have to open my eyes and see the real world see that McDonald doesn’t pay enough to put a food on the table. I had to think bigger and be wiser now I want to go to college maybe not a big career but something is better than nothing now I thank my mom for not giving up on me. I love y family and this is for them.