Ingrid Law


The theme of "Savvy" is finding out who you are and how a talent you have can be important and special.


Savvy is about a young girl, Mississippi, who is trying to find herself in the world. She is looking forward to her 13th birthday, which meant for the Beaumont family getting there "savvy" or special power. Her brother, Rocket, can control electricity and her other brother, Fish, can control weather. At first Mibs, Mississippi, thinks that she can wake people up by being with them. On the morning of her 13th birthday she walked past her sister, Gypsy, and Mibs woke her up. Also she woke up the "dead" turtle, but everyone thinks he was just hibernating. Her dad is in the hospital after being in a car accident, so she is trying to find a way to get to him. While her birthday was going on she slipped out the door to get on a bus that was heading to the Salina Hospital, where her dad is. Fish, Bobbi, Will, and Samson followed Mibs on the bus. These friends have a big journey ahead of them. Will they make it to Salina Hospital in time to save Mr. Beaumont? Read the book to find out!


In "Savvy" the main conflict is that Mibs is trying to find a way to save her dad. She was supposed to save him with her power to wake things and people up, but then she found out that her savvy was to hear thoughts from people with ink on them, like tattoos.



The story mainly takes place on the Heartland Bible Supply Company Bus, but sometimes they are at home, in the church, at the restaurant, at the motel, or at the Salina Hospital.

"Savvy" Publishing

This book should be published because it is a funny yet serious. It is funny because sometimes the Beaumont kids' savvies go wrong and they mess something up or they have to move from their home because of the dangers their savvies brought them. The book is also serious because Mr. Beaumont is in the Salina Hospital and he is about to die, and they are very scared for him.

This book also very creative with the names of the characters, the savvies, and the plot. The book also kept me wondering what was going to happen, and sometimes when I got to the end of a chapter I wanted to keep reading. This book should be published because it is a very interesting and fun book.