Freak the Mighty


Book Title

Heroism take place in the book title when Freak is on mighty's head. Mighty rans away from Tony D. and saves him and Freak from Tony and his gang. Freak saves Max by telling him what way to go. Max is a hero because he was tall so when in the pond they did not drown. If Max was short he would die.

Conflict and Outcome

The conflict is that Max and Freak and getting chased by Tony. The outcome is that Tony is not tall enough to out where Max is so he throws rocks at them. Then Freak see a cop and yell for help. Next Tony rans away when he see the cops coming. The cops get ropes and pull out Max and Freak.

Character's remarks and or actions

Actions is that Max ran into the pond to save him and Freak from Tony D. "The cops made out like I was a hero or something, rescuing the poor crippled midget kid." They are both heros because if Max did not have Freak then he would not know what to do. If Freak did not have Max then he would not been able to do that plan he had because would not have made it. That is why they make a good team one with physical abilities and the other with smarts.

Contrasts between characters

Freak is a short person that is very smart. Max is a tall person and falls alot. Together they make up for the other weakest. Without each other it would just be a smart person and a not smart person but together the one's abilities is what the other one can't do. That is why they are so good together.
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