Mobile Apps

Science and Math Apps in K-12

Below are five examples of FREE mobile apps that can be used in science and math classrooms.

The Chemical Touch

This app provides students access to a simple periodic table with basic chemical information free of charge. They also offer an upgraded version for $1.19 that allows you to recolour the table by chemical properties.

In an introduction chemistry course I would use this app to have students investigate different chemical trends and to familiarize themselves with the periodic table.

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This free app is an electronic field guide that identifies tree species using image recognition software. The user takes a photograph of the leaves and the app matches it to a species of tree. The app currently only identifies trees found in the North-eastern United States and Canada.

This app could be used for a large grade range. It can be used to confirm student identification of trees or identify it for them. Students can identify differences and similarities between leaves and trees or use the app to identify pieces of an ecosystem.

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Pic Collage

This is a free app that allows users to create collages from photos from their mobile devices, the internet, and social networking apps. You an also incorporate YouTube videos, words, and graphics. Creations can be shared through social networking sites or made into a final product like a phone case, greeting card, or magnet.

I would use this app to help students represent what they have learned in a lesson that day. What is great about this app is that it is simple to use and can be used to create quick in class visual representations of information that can be instantly shared with their peers.

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Desmos Graphing Calculator

This is a free app that provides the functions of a graphing calculator. Users can create graphs, make tables, and animate their graphs. This app is easier to work with than a traditional graphing calculator because students can more easily interact with the app such as zooming in and out with their fingers instead of having to change the graph view by searching through a menu.

I would use this app in place of graphing calculators in a math class to make class more accessible for all students. Graphing calculators can be very expensive and this app can be used in place of these on student or classroom devices.

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This free app lets users create time lapse and stop motion videos.

This app would be great for tracking progressions. This could be tracking the sky, tracking plant growth, or tracking project creation. The stop motion animations would give a great option for students to create videos representing what they have learned in a lesson and share it with their peers.

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