New Roommate

About Me

I am a junior in high school that is more of an indoor person than outdoor. I usually spend all my free time talking with friends online and/or playing online with them. I do however, swim on the swim team. I love pretty much any animal that you may want to bring with you, that being said i am not allergic to any animals. I am horrible at waking up early and usually stay up rather late. I don't mind noise so long as it's not super obnoxious. I do like most kinds of food so long as there is no tomato sauce involved, other then ketchup on a burger. Overall i am a pretty chill kind of guy.

My Roomate

You Must...

I would like someone to be like me but at the same time a little different. For example: my weakness to being able to wake up early. I would want you to be able to wake me up in the morning or at least remember to set an alarm. Like i said earlier, i do not mind pets so if you have a NICE animal then i would love to have him/her live with us. Going back to the noise situation that i mentioned in the About Me subtitle, just don't have loud friends that are going to mistreat the room please. Something i did not mention is that i am a little territorial and "O.C.D." So please do not have all your crap in my crap. These are just basic requirements. When/IF we meet, we can learn more about each other and hopefully build a good friendship.