Preparing for Face to Face Learning

Richards Middle School 2020-2021

School-Wide Schedule

Our daily schedule is posted on the RMS website. Students will be engaged in live instruction and independent learning from 9:00am to 4:00pm each day, including lunch, stretch, and brain breaks for our digital learners and lunch, cleaning, and transition times for our face to face learners.

Our current Return to In-Person Instruction schedule is:

August 26: Sixth grade students and All Self-Contained Special Education

September 2: Sixth and seventh grade students and All Self-Contained Special Education

September 9: Sixth, seventh, AND eighth grade students and All Self-Contained Special Education

Safety Reminders

In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, please remember these four things we expect our students to do to help:

  • Wear Masks -- Masks or cloth face coverings are required for both students and staff, both in school and on the bus.
  • Practice Hand Hygiene -- Students will be given opportunities to wash their hands and should do so at these times. Additionally, each classroom will have hand sanitizer available for student use.
  • Maintain Physical Distancing -- Follow your teacher's guidelines for walking in the hallway; stay to the right and walk in a line.
  • Stay Home When Sick -- It's important for students to stay home if they have COVID-19 symptoms, if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, are awaiting test results, or have tested positive.

Throughout the day, students and teachers will clean work areas to avoid spreading the virus.

Richards Middle is working hard every day to ensure the safety of everyone in our building.

School Supplies

In addition to classroom supplies, please bring personal hand sanitizer and wear your mask every day!

Please bring a pre-filled water bottle.

We invite you to Bring Your Own Device to school so that you may continue to use the digital tools you've learned to use while at home.

Remember that, for safety reasons, students will not be able to share supplies with each other.

Click on the documents at the bottom of this newsletter to download them.

What will learning look like and sound like with students in the building?

*Updated 8/27/2020*

As each grade level returns to Richards, teachers will adjust to teaching both in person and digital learners simultaneously. This means that students who are learning in person will also have digital students participate in their classes. At the same time that teachers are teaching in-person students, they will also teach students via Zoom. When the teacher asks students to complete class assignments, all students will receive work time during which teachers will support both the students in their classrooms and the students who are Zoomed in. Teachers will limit student movement in the classroom and supervise movement during class transitions. Other than lunch, both teachers and students will wear masks at all times.

Thank you for your patience as we all adjust to a hybrid model of teaching both students in the classroom and via eClass and Zoom meetings simultaneously.

Parents and other visitors to our school

Outside visitors will need to make appointments to enter the school. We'll ask you to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when you enter. Please be sure you are symptom free before you enter our building (no fever, cough, or shortness of breath).

No appointment is needed for parents coming to check out their children from school. However, parents will need to come into the school to show identification and complete the checkout process.

On your child's first day, we'll ask that you say your goodbyes at the bus stop or from your car in the car rider lane. In order for us to minimize the number of people entering the building, we will not allow parents to accompany your students inside.

Is your student returning to school? Be sure to fill out this form!

Is your emergency contact information current?

We want to be able to reach you in case of an emergency!

Click here to access the parent portal so you can update your information. Know someone whose information has changed? Please send them this information and ask them to contact the school!

Having trouble with the Parent Portal? Contact Liz Martinez (

Where do I find my bus information?

You can find your child's bus number and times on the parent portal. Click here.

If you do not have a parent portal account, or if you are unable to find your child’s bus information, please contact:

*6th grade Letty Perez 770-339-4211

*7th grade Miriam Calejo 770-338-4813

*8th grade Ana Fernandez 678-376-8575

*Or alternatively the Main Office 770-995-7133

If your student is a car rider, car rider lane is located in the Richards Middle parking lot on the Cedar Hill Elementary side of the school. The entrance is located at the top drive near Sugarloaf Parkway. Look for the signs and balloons! Students may begin unloading cars at 8:55 a.m.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Please apply! Information about beginning of the year and how to apply can be found here. Remember, you need to reapply every school year in order to keep receiving assistance.

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