Youth In Action 3.0

Give youth skills and tools, they’ll change the world !

Hey AIESEC.............!

Are you an energetic youth?
want to empower others?
Welcome to our paradise island to find the hidden potentials of its youth.
with an awesome OC join to get a life changing experience...!

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The quality of our future will be the youth we develop today...!

From 22ndof February to the 6thof April 2016
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  • Improve students’ leadership skills, soft skills, global and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Educate young children on opportunities available to them after schooling and graduating from high school.
  • Offer students a forum to discover their strengths and weaknesses
  • Encourage and assist the development of the community through leadership training
  • Provide students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and capabilities

  • §Enhancing leadership skills, soft skills, and event management skills of interns and AIESEC members.

Empower others and empower yourself.

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Work with Srilankan youth

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Welcome to a unique cultre

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Explore a paradise island in your free time

Sri Lanka Tourism - Youth Tvc

Feel the love from different corners of the world

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different tastes on one table

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Along with all these life changing experiences lets give power to budding youth

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