Social Change Through Intergenerational Dialogue

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Sunday, Sep. 28th, 1-4pm

4245 East Ave

Rochester, NY

Held at Nazareth College in the Otto A. Shults Community Center Forum.


Older adults now represent the nation's fastest-growing segment of our population. Through Intergenerational Dialogue, youth and older populations come together to share their skills and challenges, while developing new methods to increase understanding and influence.

Intergenerational Dialogue Topics and Content Facilitators:

1. Teresa Galbier

(President & CEO Alzheimer's Association)
Dialogue Topic: Providing meaningful activities and support for people living with Alzheimer's Disease

2. Rose Marie Fagan

(Co-Founder Pioneer Network)

Dialogue Topic: Advocating for Change

3. Ann Marie Cook

(President & CEO Lifespan)

Dialogue Topic: Resources: How do we make a livable community for older adults?

4. Chris Perna

(CEO Eden Alternative)

Dialogue Topic: A New Model for Aging...Growth and Well-Being

5. Courtney McGinness + Outreach Participant

(VP Community Outreach at Episcopal Senior Life Communities)

Dialogue Topic: Neighborhood Outreach

6. Maureen McGuire

(News Anchor WROC-TV Channel 8)

Dialogue Topic: Strengthening the voice of older adults through the media

7. Art Mason

(Director of Elder Abuse Prevention Program at Lifespan)

Dialogue Topic: Elder Mistreatment

8. Charlie Runyon
(CEO St. John's Home)

Dialogue Topic: Future Solutions to Long Term Care

9. Dr. Al Power

(Geriatrician, Author, Eden Mentor)

Dialogue Topic: Making Rochester Dementia Inclusive

10. Bill Armbruster

(Associate State Director of New York AARP)

Dialogue Topic: Caregiving

What you want to know?

This conference connects all generations from a variety of different backgrounds to brainstorm ideas and goals while networking with others to come up with solutions in order to make services for older adults more efficient.
Attendees will learn about current topics surrounding older adults, network with professionals and local leaders in elder care.
We as a society need to band together as a community to support, respect and protect our elders.
Intergenerational Dialogue enhances community engagement.

What YOU will get out of being involved?

Participants develop a resource network to support each other with their ideas, goals and action plans.
Attendees leave with a better understanding of older adults and the topics surrounding our elders. From the connections and ideas that the attendees develop during Intergenerational Dialogue, the participants can then move forward with their calls to action feeling empowered, more knowledgeable and have an understanding that older people are capable people.

Who will Benefit most?

Everyone because this issue effects us all. Current models of elder care are not sustainable and not effective.
Target Population: All generations in the United States.

Attendees will be made up of college students, professionals, any/all community members, young people.



Welcome and Opening Remarks


The Panel:

1. Ann Marie Cook (CEO Lifespan)

2. Teresa Galbier (CEO Alzheimer's Association Rochester and Finger Lakes Chapter)

3. Dr. Allen Power (Geriatrician, Author, Eden Mentor)

4. Mary Ann Curry (Resident of Beatrice Place)

Confronting Ageism: Millennials ask questions to all attendees


Food Break


Intergenerational Dialogue: Attendees will go to the tables they reserved their seat for and begin sharing Reflection Cards (promotes individual reflection and networking to share ideas, goals, solutions), meeting each other, and discussing the topic.
Goal: Each table comes up with a solution or idea no matter how out of the box it is using their skills and their newly met connections.

1:45pm-2:30pm 45 mins: Dialogue

2:30pm- 2:50pm 20 mins: Each table shares solutions, ideas, goals.

2:50pm-3:35pm 45 mins: Dialogue

3:35pm-3:55pm 20 mins: Each table shares solutions, ideas, goals.


Closing Remarks


Tickets are Free! Register by clicking this link:

**You must choose 2 topics from the Topics and Content Facilitators list above in order to reserve your seats for both table transitions at Intergenerational Dialogue!

Seats are first come first serve. If your first topic choices are filled up, an email will be sent to notify you of the dialogue topics still available.

Look forward to seeing you there!
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