El Clima de buenos aires Argentina

by Judah Jones

Climate of Argentina

Central Argentina has hot summers. Tornadoes and thunderstorms (in Western Argentina produce some of the worlds largest hail), and cool winters. The southern regions have warm summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall, especially in mountains zones. Higher elevations at all latitudes experience cooler conditions. The hottest and coldest temperature recorded in South America, have occurred in Argentina. A record high temperature of 52.8 c (127.0 f) was recorded at Campo Gallo, Santiago Del Estrous province on October 16 1936. The lowest temperature recorded was -40 c (-40 f) at Valle De Los Patois Superior San Juan on July 8 1966. Argentines easternmost continental point is northeast of the town Bernardo de Iigoyen, Misiones 26 15 s 38 w. the westernmost point in the Mariano Moreno range in Santa Cruz 49 33 s 73 35 w. the northernmost point is located at the confluence of the Grande de san Juan and Mojinete rivers, July 21 46 s 66 13 w and the southernmost is cape san poi in Tierra del Fuego 55 03 s 66 3w.