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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.

Early Release Day

There is no Team Time, specials, or other pullouts for these days. Please refer to the email sent Wednesday for specifics on the lunch schedule.

Early Release Schedules


(AM) 8:10–10:10 a.m.

(PM) 10:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

Elementary (K–5)
8:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.



September 19 Talk Like A Pirate Day (dress like one if you wish)

September 19 Faculty meeting: SMART Goal Training 3:45-4:15

September 20-October 4 1st-5th ELA Composition

September 21 Early Release Day

September 23 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 26 Site Base Meeting 3:45-4:30

September 30 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

September 30 CORE Outstanding Student for Six Weeks Nomination

September 30 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 30 Native American Hertitage Day

September 30 T-TESS Goals in Apraise by the end of the day

October 3-7 Monach Butterfly Week (state insect)

October 3 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

October 3 Art/PLC day

October 3 Faculty Meeting 3:45-4:30

October 6 Science Night

October 7 Red River Rivalry: Dress in UT or OU Attire for the Day

October 7 House meeting

October 10 Flex day

October 11 District Staff Development

October 14 House meeting

October 14 Field Day

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you to everyone for helping out with the Howdy Dance with an extra special thanks to our DJ: Mr. Rooty Tooty Fresh Prince of Howdy Rowdy Anti-Plain Lane! Our students had so much fun and this will go a long way to help reduce the cost of our 4th grade trip.
  • Huge High 5 to Jeanne for the LEAD Student Announcement Audition Process and Becky for taking the lead with helping these students soar!
  • Thank you Shelly for sending us out the house lesson and integrating it in with the CORE value!
  • Thank you Melissa Dossey for opening your room to our colleagues at RES. The learning that was imparted today will help so many student!
  • Way to go Mrs. Mobley for tearing it up on social media this week- 2nd grades page is outperforming mine... it is on like Donkey Kong!
  • Thank you Carrie McCaghren for your continued service as our TEE committee representative for our campus this year!
  • Thank you Jeanne for supplying our chocolate bowl with some yummy M&M’s and musketeers!
  • Thank you Nicole for putting together such a smooth picture day, I don't think I have ever seen things run so excellent!
  • Sherry Hay was at it again making moments for our student when she dressed like the Statue of Liberty this past Wednesday!
  • Thank you Mark Dvorak for making sure we honored the anniversary of the writing of our national anthem in style (and in good key)!
  • We appreciate Jeff Samuelson for getting our older iPads up to date and ready to use for students!
  • Thank you Ann and Mark for serving as our PTA teacher representatives! Thank you Marchelle Smart for your leadership as president of our PTA! Thank you Toy Coston for all the work you are undertaking as our carnival chair!
  • Dairy Queen was so much fun. Thank you to Ann, Mark, Betsy (& Greg), Shelly, Rachel, Carrie, Marchelle for coming out to support our PTA and enjoy some delicious ice cream!
  • Thank you Toy Coston for your continued serve as our SCC committee representative.
  • Kim Holland just scored another PERFECT with the Health Department!!!
  • I am so proud of 1st grade for jumping into SeeSaw as a whole grade level! I appreciate Erin & the intervention team for bring up this tool for tracking student progress through projects. Parents will LOVE being able to see their child's work!
Every Opportunity

Every Opportunity: Relationships matter

"Talk with us, not at us... use big words, we have big ideas and need big words to share these ideas with you"

Thank you for the daily greeting and respect you show towards our students everyday. I have seen such great interactions with our students. I see so much similarity with the second half of this video starting at the 2:00 mark.

I love the short reflection on "entering the learning zone" with he question of how can we show respect. Continue to take every opportunity to build positive relationship, show compassion, and build courage to help our student find their voice.

This week I had the chance to spend some time with AMAZING students and just love the joy of our children. Our students future is so bright it burns my eyes and you are helping student fulfill their purpose everyday!

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Clothing needs

We have 2 big needs with clothing items:

  1. The Nurse needs any new underwear that will fit our students. Anyone can donate and this can be a class effort :)
  2. The Cloths Connection serves hundreds of our student with essential clothing and footwear. They are critically low on clothing right now and would love any gently used clothing from 3T to adult.

Information & Updates

  • We are having a staff meeting on Monday. Erin will be leading us on SMART goals.
  • We still only have one cafeteria monitor. If you know of a parent or someone else that is interested, please let Nicole know.
  • The "rules" for CBAs have been changed a bit. You may now take a CBA for a daily grade in elementary.
  • We will be having an emergency drill very soon! Please review the procedures in your emergency handbook with your students.
  • Please join PTA as soon as possible, our goal is 100% staff by September, have it in early for a week's worth of jeans :)
  • Encourage parents to join PTA. Get creative (and relentless) in working towards 100% of your class to join our PTA- they do SO MUCH for our campus and we need to do everything we can to help with membership!
  • Reflections is a PTA program where students create a work (art, writing, dance, song, ect) and compete at the district and state level. This year's theme is "What is Your Story?" and the entire deadline is December 1st. Please publicize Reflections Night with your students and in your parent communication.
  • BISD Foundation awards grants to teachers each year for innovative ideas. These are due in December and awarded in the spring. Start thinking of ideas for a grant now. More information next week!
  • The purpose of the half day this week is for additional planning time and parent conferences.
  • Could each grade level send/email me how you communicate with your families each week: Newsletter, Facebook page, weekly email announcements, Remind, and/or a combination of ways?
  • T-TESS Calendar:
  • Office Depot has $200 grants that you can apply at if you would like to try for a gift card.
  • Home Depot also will usually give gift cards to teachers, just write them a letter with the details about the project you are building and the materials needed to the store manager.

Parking Information

Thank you for sharing information with your LOL representative and we have been able to come to consensus for parking while students are in the building. We are parking by lots starting this coming Monday the 26th. The lot on Lola will basically be for PK-2nd, office, Hay, and Mr. D. The lot on Cloyce will be for 3rd-5th, Redding, Wright, Appling, Wamsley, Peck, and McIntire. The lot on Susan Lee will be for Noble, Sands, Mann, Gregory, Smart, Bryant, Mrs. D (when driving separately) and Dunnahoo. If you and another staff member want to switch lots from Cloyce to Lola- just arrange it with that person. This fills these lots to capacity. If there is an issue with availability of spaces we will come back together in SBDMC. Please let me know if you have any questions.

*** Safety update***

All visitors, including any district support/maintenance staff, must check into the front office and use the visitor parking lot on Susan Lee. If anyone is parking in the HHE Staff lots, please let Mr. Wamsley know. No one should be coming in through the gates unless they have already checked in and have a badge.

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Energy Managment

We are doing really well with our electrical use. Please continue to be mindful of turning out your lights when you are not in the room and double check to make sure you have not left any small devices on, especially projectors. If you are up here on the weekends please do not rely on our sensors turning these off, so remember to turn out the lights and equipment in our common areas after you are done. This will greatly help us continue our responsible use of resources.

Please let Resa Goodwin know if you are having any issues with your air conditioning including if your override button is not working. She will be the person to coordinate with Mr. Diaz and Laron Street for the energy management consultant.

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Instructional Corner

  • Please take a moment to review our districts Tier 1 priorities and let me know if you need any support in furthering our work with these.
  • Constitution Day Lessons attached from the S.S. coordinator
  • Don't forget to add Kagan structures to your normal routine and lesson plans. You should at least be using one structure a day by the end of this six weeks. I am ordering the "one pager" for every teacher on the 10 most effective strategies.
  • You should have received Math posters for your classroom with our district math strategies. Please find a place for them in your classroom that will be visible for students to reference.
  • Interactive word walls for math and science should be up. ELAR vocabulary should be built into your classroom as well.
  • Class Mission Statements should be posted on your wall and referenced on a daily basis.
  • TEKS should be posted and there should be evidence of interaction with the standards.

Creating A Culture of Curiosity

Take two minutes, show the curiosity, and simply let your students ask questions. Let them wonder. Let them make unexpected connections and share personal experiences.

assign homework or create classwork out of these questions, or you’ll quench the fire. If kids want to find the answer, they’ll find it on their own time. If not, then maybe it just wasn’t that interesting to them. And that’s fine.
Алексей Романов без кистей рук играет мелодию из "Сумерек"

At 16 years old, Alexey Romanov has become a celebrated pianist across Russia. Born with no fingers, his growing love for classical music motivated him to start learning piano. In two years of diligent practice, Romanov improved his skills and has caught the attention of his country and beyond. From The Guardian:

In February he performed with Kazan’s respected La Primavera Chamber Orchestra, which led to an invitation to join a music school in the capital.

The orchestra’s chief conductor also invited Romanov to participate in the television program Guests from Tomorrow, where he performed River Flows in You, a composition written by South Korean pianist Lee Ru-ma for Twilight.

“During the [TV] concert I was shaking from the tension. I can’t even remember what was happening,” reflected Romanov.

“I walked on to the stage, sat down and started playing. I felt my knees shaking. Then I realized that I was doing well, it’s as if the melody started flowing by itself.”

He explained how hard it was for him to learn the music early on, and how worried he was about trembling when he had to speak in front of a large audience.

Romanov, modest to the point of being shy, seemed embarrassed when it was suggested that his story provides inspiration for young musicians and the wider public.

Attire and Professional Dress

I appreciate how professional and prepared everyone looks everyday. This sends a strong message to our community that we can be trusted to teach their children and shows that you deserve the respect given to any professional.

On the first day of each week you may wear this year's T-Shirt with light colored pants/skirt instead of professional teacher dress.

On Wednesdays during the month of September and October you may wear jeans with a college shirt. From November through March you may chose to wear the school sweat "uniform" on Wednesdays. April and May we wear professional dress to finish the year.

Fridays are jeans day with a school spirit shirt, which can include your house spirit shirt. Please make sure that our attire is above the student dress code (no holes, no fraying, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

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Communication information

Staff please get the Remind 101 app use code @81010 or text @bisdhhe to get updates throughout the year.

You might also want to Like the Holiday Heights Elementary official Facebook Page and follow Twitter @bisdhhe to keep up with school happenings throughout the year!