René Descartes

By: Davis Boyd and Thomas Du


René Descartes was born on March 31, 1596 in the town of La Haye in The south of France. In 1606, at age eight, René Descartes attended the Jesuit college of Henri IV in La Flèche. In 1637, René published Geometry which gave birth to analytical geometry.



Since Descartes went to college to study at such a young age, he was able to squeeze in a lot more studying and research to develop his analytic geometry and philosophy. These books would later on influence further development in math.

Interesting Facts

Rene Descartes never married, yet he had a child that sadly died at the age of 5

The Pope banned Descartes works from the Catholic Church


Descartes left mainly analytical geometry in his legacy. He did impact philosophy and mathematical ways of thinking and also left different books that helped leave his legacy. These books helped shape math to what we have today.


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