Ollie Wood Is Now Open

You Can Skateboard,Scooter and Bike

what can you take to Ollie wood

Scooters are coming to Ollie wood action sports Its been open for 3 weeks. You can take scooters bikes and skate boards at Ollie wood. Ollie wood is in Dubuque Iowa. Ollie wood opened by community donations.

what Ollie wood has

Ollie wood has a spine quarter pipe fly out and stairs, a box and a many pad. Ollie wood opened cause you cant scooter bike and skateboard in the winter.

Ollie wood is a busy place

Ollie wood is a busy place. Cause Ollie wood has so much awesome scooter skateboard and bike stuff. Pro scooter and skateboarders go there cause it is so fun. Charlie said it is small and on the week ends it is to crowded. People are coming from different states it's to popular.

what people think about Ollie wood

Charlie thinks that they meed of a bigger building and they should add a rail. I think that they can make more money if they had a concession stand.