All About Frogs

By Bryce B in Mrs. Best class


Frogs have long tongues to get the food they want. Frogs can be fun. Frogs can be any where they want. Frogs can different colors. Frogs can jump far to get to the place they want.


Frogs eat spiders. And spiders eat frogs frogs eat flys. frogs eat dragon flies. Frogs eat worms. Frogs eat grasshoppers. Frogs eat turtle eggs. Frogs like to eat all kinds of insects.


Frogs live in Antarctica. Frogs live in trees. frogs live in water. They can live any where they want to be.

Phyical Chartaristics

Frogs can be red with orange dots. Frogs can be yellow with black dots. Frogs can be blue with red dots. Frogs can green with yellow dots.

Fun Facts

Frogs have long tung to get the things they want. They can be fun. They can be any where they want to go. Frogs weigh a little pounds.


Frogs by Holly Kellen. Frogs by Jim Arnorky. Frogs by Wendy Pfeffer. Frogs by Elizabeth Carney. Frogs by Gail Gibson


Now the frog is going back to sleep in the pond or lake or trees or Antarctica or in the desert. They can live or be any where they want to be. There are a lot of places where frogs can live or be.

All About The Author

The author is Bryce in 1 grade. He is in Ms.Best class. His birthday is September 13. He is 7 and going to be 8.