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August 7, 2020

Welcome to Clear Fork Middle School...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Middle School Newsletter! Here you will be able to find information about the upcoming year and upcoming school events.

Districts Opening Plan dated 8/6/2020 (click)

This will take you directly to the plan that was posted for the district on August 6, 2020 for our back-to-school opening plans.

CFMS Building Specific Opening Plans (click)

This link will take you to the specific information about Clear Fork Middle School's operations for the 2020-2021 school year.

A word from the Principal...

Hello Students and Parents!

The staff of Clear Fork Middle School is excited to be back in the building and they are ready to work with their students. Administration has been working on opening plans and how to implement all of the new guidelines to help keep our children safe while they are in the buildings. Teachers have been working on new lessons that will easily be integrated into Remote Learning. The maintenance team has been cleaning and setting up the building for students to return and social distance. Coaches have been holding practices since August 1st. But most importantly, everyone is excited to be working with students again, regardless if it is Face-to-Face or though Remote Learning.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs. Jennifer Klaus

Coming Soon: Virtual Classrooms...

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Remind 2020-2021

Remind is used to get information out to students, parents, and community members about Clear Fork Middle School events, delays, closings, and other middle school information. Below is a list of each Remind Class that will service the middle school. Please choose the group(s) that apply to your child/children.

**If you were signed up last year, you have been transferred to the next grade level (ie. If you were in 6th grade class on Remind last year, you have automatically been moved to the 7th grade class.)**

6th Grade (Class of 2027):

  • Students with the last name starting with A-M please text 81010 with the following message @eb7ea83

  • Students with the last name starting with N-Z please text 81010 with the following message @h39d473

7th Grade (Class of 2026):

  • Students with the last name starting with A-M please text 81010 with the following message @c9g9799

  • Students with the last name starting with N-Z please text 81010 with the following message @fda4ge

8th Grade (Class of 2025):

  • Students with the last name starting with A-M please text 81010 with the following message @fhbha8

  • Students with the last name starting with N-Z please text 81010 with the following message @79f864

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Student Schedules

The following schedules are for all students regardless if they are in the building or remote learning. All students are expected to be logged in to their class at the start time and participate in the daily lesson/lecture/project/etc.

Attendance is taken by the participation in the activity and by the completed assignment.


Remote Learners will receive information on how to login into each of their classes including the CFMS Google Class prior to August 31. The remote learner will login and watch announcements at 7:40am and start their first class at 7:45am. If a remote learner is struggling with getting logged in, they should call the school office at 419-886-3111.

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Updated 8th Grade Scheduled as of 8/13/2020

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Food Service Plan for Enrolled Clear Fork Students

● IN SCHOOL STUDENTS: All students will be able to purchase breakfast and a hot lunch in their buildings. Snacks will still be available for purchase, however, they must be purchased at the time of lunch pickup and have funds available. (Microwaves will not be available for students in grades K-8, however milk will be available for purchase for students who pack).

● ONLINE STUDENTS: Both breakfast and lunch will be available for students and must be picked up on Mondays from 5pm-6pm at the HS and will include 5 days’ worth of meals. A roster will be kept for all online students and checked off each week for verification. Pick up is NOT available for students who attend daily in the buildings.

● When the district is moved into Remote Learning status, ALL students will be moved to the ONLINE STUDENT status (see above).


Mrs. Stallard

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the school day?
The school day is 5.5 hours long. It includes 8 periods with one of them being lunch. School starts at 7:40am and ends at 1:10pm.

How will attendance be taken?

Attendance is taken by completed assignments. Please note that watching and participating in lectures/group work/projects/etc. at the assigned time is part of the student's attendance.

Do I need to call the office if my child will be absent from school even if they will login from home?

Yes. If you child will not be at school and is signed up for face-to-face instruction, you will need to call the school. You can tell us if they are going to participate in remote learning then or if they are sick or have an appointment and cannot participate in remote learning that day.

Do I need to call the office if my Remote Learner is sick or has an appointment and cannot login that day?

Yes. If you child cannot participate in the lessons that day, we will need to know. It will be up to the child to make sure they hand in the make-up work once they can log back in.

Since masks are now mandated in the school, will my child be able to get a break from wearing the mask?

Per the opening plan, "** If social distancing is being adhered to in the classroom and with teacher permission, students may temporally remove masks/facial coverings for a break.

**Students will have to wear masks/facial coverings in communal areas outside the classroom."

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A special thank you

I would like to thank the parents who have been so supportive of the administration and staff as we try and figure out how to follow all of the guidelines and mandates by the State and Health Department for this upcoming year. Please keep in mind that everything contained in this newsletter was accurate at the time of publication. We will continue to keep you informed as changes are made.
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About us

CFMS provides education to students in the 6th, 7th, and the 8th grade. Approximately 435 students are enrolled in the middle school. The middle school and high school are attached and share many resources such as the cafeteria, library/media center, auditorium, and various classrooms.