Home of the Irish

Climate, Geography, Land

The climate of Ireland is often cold. There hottest month is July and, the temperature gets up to 65 degrees. Although the climate is cold it snows only a few days in the winter because of the North Atlantic currents. Ireland is 27,133 sq. miles. It is apart of Europe. Ireland is a little bigger than the state of West Virginia The island has fertile central plains, numerous lakes, and bogs. The island is filled with rugged coastal hills and low mountains.


Close to 87% of the Irish people are Roman Catholic. 3% is of the Anglican church. The rest is any other religion. People in Ireland often wear the common European style, but also like to put in some of the Irish style. For example, sweaters and casual clothing. Being known for agriculture, Ireland grows many fresh vegetables. They also eat meat such as Smoked Salmon and Irish lamb.

Interesting places In Ireland


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