The Making of Headphones

By Jonathan Holland

The making of headphones

Beats inc is a well know headphone manufacturer, and it has become more popular with their recent production of the beats pill, and beats premium. Yet we don't know how they are made or even where they are from. Heres some more information on how they distribute and manufacture beats headphones.


This types globalization being used here is Economical ,technology, cultural and environmental . Economical in the way that the workers from the factories to the distribution centers, yet they don't get paid the money they have earned. The technology part is the invention of the beats pill and the electronics that is used inside the headphones themselves, but it takes more time for humans to build them then machines can. Cultural is the way people live their lives because of what Beat does. Now they can listen to music and have a better time doing it because of this invention, but the headphones can be prices. The way the Environment is used is when the materials to make the headphones are shipped to the factories from Africa, by plane which tends to cost a lot.

One problem that can be fixed is that by producing machines that can build the headphones and the materials needed in them the process will be faster, and the company can make more money.

The reason I chose this product is because I use Beats. The are my main source of music without back round noises. They are something that I can't seem to live without.