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The curious inciedent of the dog in the nighttime


The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime by mark Haddon Christopher John Francis Boone, a 15 year old boy from Swindon, England, suffers from autism. Christopher noticed his neighbors dog was killed one day and wants to investigate the murder of the dog. many people think hes crazy because of his autism but there are a few who were willing to help him out a bit. however during a misunderstanding Chris hit a police officer a got arrested. Christopher is let go with a warning and told to not investigate the murder. Christopher refuses to listen to people and keeps all his records in a book. Chris finds out that his neighbor, Mrs. Shears, with the killed dog was having an affair with his dad. He will later find out that this affair was because of the affair his mother had with Mr. Shears before she disappeared. After finding out that his mother ran away to London with Mr. Shears in a bunch of letters from his mother that were hidden he ran away from his dad to live with his mom. His mother ends up moving back to Swindon after breaking up with Mr. Shears.

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Character Analysis

Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15 year old boy who lives in Swindon, England. Christopher is an autistic child. Christopher was a motivated kid and was willing to do anything he put his mind to. Chris has gone through a lot at a young age and being an autistic child is just another obstacle he has to overcome. he will surprise everyone in the novel and they were surprised how much he achieved throughout the story.
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The main theme would be the struggle to become independent. throughout the novel Christopher resembles a teenager trying to become independent. Chris had trouble being alone with people and going to a bunch of different places but he overcame that when he traveled to get to his mother. he wanted to become independent so he would be able to go off to college and he was able to do so.
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Coping with loss

All of the main characters experience a loss in some way or another at some point in the novel. whether it was the death of a person or animal or someone leaving from their life. all of the main characters had to cope or deal with a loss in one way or another.
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i liked the book. It also teaches that you can over come anything as you watched Christopher track down his mother. This book has a lot of good themes and really teaches a good lesson throughout the entire book.
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