Creating a Living Garden

A garden that is good for plants, animals and people.

The purpose of this group is to investigate ways to encourage wildlife to our PYP garden. We will also be thinking about how we can use the garden during the school day. Could it be used for outdoor lessons?

STRETCH connections

Understand - classifying, summarizing and inferring. What do we have in the garden? What does a living garden need? How could we use the space? What changes should we make?

Create - planning and producing. The students will be involved in designing and constructing structures to encourage wildlife. There is the opportunity to design areas in the garden where wild flowers and long grass can grow. Students will also design the space to influence the way we can use the garden.

Evaluate - checking and critiquing. Monitoring the impact of the changes, testing the different designs.

Curriculum connections

Year 5 Sharing the Planet

Concepts: interdependence, change

Science Strand: Living things

Skills: a, b, c, e


Examine interactions between living things and non-living parts of the environment

Analyse the effects of changing a link in an ecosystem

Explain how human activities can have positive or adverse effects on local and other environments

Social Studies Strands: Human and natural environments and resources and the environment

Skills: a, b, d


They will realize the significance of developing a sense of belonging and stewardship towards the environment, valuing and caring for it, in the interests of themselves and future generations.

They will gain an understanding of how and why people manage resources.