Prevention Care for Adults


Who gets a mammogram? This test is for women

A mammogram screens for breast cancer. Women should start getting mammograms every year in their 40s.

Fact: 1/3 mammograms has helped reduce breast cancer in the United states since 1990

Pap Smear

Who gets a pap smear? This test is for women

The pap smear test looks for cancers and precancers in the cervix (the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina).

Most women for age 21-65 need to get the pap smear test as their routine health care. (Every 3 years)

Prostate Exams

Who gets a prostate exam? This test is for men

The prostate exam is screening for prostate cancer. Men should be getting this test regulary after the age of 50.