Once you're there, you won't want to leave

Basic Backround

It is located approximately 8 degrees North and 66 degrees West in Northern South America. Because of it proximity to the equator the average temperature is fairly warm, ranging from 79 degrees F to 82 degrees F. The climate type is tropical hot and humid with a dry season during December-April and the wet season being May-December. If you're looking for it to be hot, the best time to visit would be from July to August, but if you're looking for it to cool down, then I'd plan a trip between January and February. Venezuela also has beautiful physical features such as the Andes Mountains and the Angel Falls Waterfall, both of which I recommend visiting on your trip.

Fitting in

They mainly speak Spanish so maybe listen to a bit of Rosetta Stone on your plane ride so your don't seem too "single-cultured." Some basic norms of the culture are as follows: arriving 15-30 minutes late to a party (arriving on time makes you seem too eager and greedy), introducing yourself to the oldest member of the group first, send a thank you note after a business meeting to the most senior executive, and never decline a offer for coffee, it is a symbol of Venezuelan hospitality. Venezuelans take pride in their hospitality so they always try to go out of their way for their guests, you can return the favor by sending flowers to the host's home before a dinner party. Another thing that is very important to Venezuelans is family. Families often live close together and a social network is created in times of need.

Digging Deeper

Venezuela is full of diverse of people, these subcultures include protestants (Roman Catholic is the major religion practiced), Italians, and Indigenous peoples. Culture Diffusion is created when indigenous people move to the cities, this causes their language and practices to eventually become extinct. The culture has changed from a poor country and has started to grow and develope into a sucessful nation. They don't have much for medical practice but they do the best they can with the resources they are provided with.


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