Greene Notes

September 23, 2016

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing here. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


September 29 - Bowing Club Starts

September 27 - Student Council Starts

September 30 -Compost Day

October 3-7 - Box Tops Collection Week

PTO Facebook Page Change

Over the coming weeks we will transition the Edwin H. Greene PTO Facebook PAGE to the Greene School PTO Facebook GROUP. We are making this change because the Facebook GROUP will enable the page to be private (and of course we can add in any member requesting) but it will allow posts/notifications to show up on members' Facebook feeds more frequently without having to boost (e.g. paying nominal fees). We have found that posts on the EH Greene PTO Facebook PAGE were not showing up in people's Facebook feed and that Facebook wanted us to pay a boosting fee for it to show up. By joining the Greene School PTO Facebook GROUP any post that is made will show up in the member's Facebook feed.

If you want to be added to the Greene School PTO Facebook GROUP, please contact Angie Miller at and she will add you to the group. Once you are part of the group, you can invite your Greene School friends to join the group.

We will use the Greene School PTO Facebook GROUP to promote PTO activities, school information, photos and videos.

Professional Development Day

As you know school was not in session today for students. Ever wonder what goes on during this time? The Greene School staff spent the day learning instructional practices to continue student growth. Below are some example!

Box Tops for Education

Please begin clipping and mark your calendars for our fall Box Tops collection, October 3 - 7. The wing in each grade that collects the most box tops will receive an extra recess! Students should please turn Box Tops in to their homeroom teacher. For more information including a list of participating products, visit

Compost Day September 30

Composting our lunch leftovers is very important because compost puts nutrients back into the soil. Plants can’t grow without nutrition any more than humans can, and if we send food to the landfill, those nutrients get wasted.

Top 5 Tips for Perfect Sorting:

  • STOP! THINK! SORT! your lunch waste before you go to the sorting table into COMPOST, RECYCLING, and LANDFILL
  • COMPOST is leftover FOOD and things that come from TREES (paper napkins, plates, bags—even popsicle sticks!)
  • RECYCLING is CARTONS, BOTTLES, and CANS (all beverage containers except juice pouches)
  • LANDFILL is all other trash (PLASTIC and FOIL bags, wrappers, forks & spoons, straws, and packets)
  • Keep our COMPOSTCLEAN”! Straws and ketchup packets don’t help plants grow!

On September 30th students will participate in composting activities during their lunch!

Spots Open for SAC Basketball!

SAC Basketball Registration is now open for all boys and girls in grades 2-6. We offer recreational basketball leagues and a select program for grades 4-6. Players of all abilities are welcome. You can learn more at

Flight Fest

Flight Fest is next Saturday, October 1. Show our Sycamore Family through the streets of Montgomery and Blue Ash. There is a trophy, and some bragging rights, to the building that registers the highest percentage of racers... and each of your buildings is featured on the drop down menu on the registration page.

The race begins at 8:00 am and is a 5K run or walk or 10K run only. There is a $30 student and $35 adult registration fee. Early registration with guaranteed shirt size has been extended through 9/24. Stick around after the race for the festival from 9:30-1:30. More information is on our website at including the link to registration

Nurse's Update: A Healthy Lunch is Energy for Learning

September -- Back to school nutrition, healthy lunch ideas, snack time!

There’s nothing that can challenge a parent’s creativity like packing nutritious school lunches (that will actually be eaten) day after day, week after week! Remember, you are not alone! If you involve your child, it might be more fun for both of you!

One way to get kids involved might be to make a poster for your kitchen that lists foods by category, and then have them pick a food from each for their lunch box. Include fruits, vegetables, protein, and other. The “other” category can be snack foods, baked goods, anything you want! Also offer leftovers that they enjoy, or items you might make at home, like cookies, muffins or breads.

Some suggestions:

Protein: diced chicken, seeds, nut butters, sun butter, hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, yogurt, avocado, hummus.

Fruits and Vegetables: berries, apples, carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes, grapes, an orange, banana, plums, peaches or raw snap peas. Add a dip -- nut butter, hummus, ranch, yogurt. Put veggies or fruit on a stick, like a kabob!

Other: popcorn, pretzels, a mix of chocolate chips and peanuts, granola, muffins, dry cereal with raisins or nuts, a happy note of encouragement ;).

Also, if your student stays after for an activity, consider packing a healthy snack for the end of the day, and a water bottle. Happy Packing!

Start Talking!

Talking regularly with youth about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs reduces their risk of using in the first place. Here are some tips from the Ohio Department of Education's Start Talking initiative.

Give them your undivided attention: This is how children measure love. The times that matter most to our children are when we are willing to stop what we’re doing to go throw the ball with them, jump on the trampoline or listen attentively to their trumpet solo.

Give them words of affirmation: A child’s self-identity and self-worth depend highly on the words we speak to them. It is our job to correct our children, but even in discipline our words should come from a place of love, encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Give them space: Just like most of us adults, teens need some alone time each day to relax and unwind.

Hug your child: This goes for the really big kids too. They may act like they don’t want one, but they do.

Spend time each week with your children individually: It doesn’t have to be anything extensive; take a walk with one of your children or ask one of them to run to the store with you; even picking your child up from their extra-curricular activity can provide an opportunity to have one-on-one time.

Start family traditions and rituals: Young people love to be spontaneous, but they also have a deep need for predictability. Choose a holiday to annually volunteer at a soup kitchen, designate a certain night of the week for family game night, or maybe start a new tradition in the way you celebrate family birthdays.

Preserve those precious memories: A family photo album is great, but it is also special to create a small memory book, memory box or photo album for each child to hold onto and be able to reminisce.

There are so many ways to increase family love and support for your child. The important piece is that you consistently make an effort to be active in your child’s life and show them your love and affection.

Blue Ash Elementary Haunted Fest Volunteers

It is time for Blue Ash Elementary’s annual Haunted Festival and we invite you to volunteer! This event is the PTO's largest family fun night of the year. We are asking you to support the Haunted Festival because the monies raised go directly to the classrooms and the school. This is a fun volunteer opportunity - the young kids really enjoy having the older kids run the games. The Haunted Festival 2016 is Friday, October 21st, 5:00-9:00 pm.

Interested in Volunteering? Here's how:

1. Click on the link below, it will take you to Signup Genius.

2. Select the shift and task/game you would like to work.

3. You will receive a reminder email the week of the festival.

If you have other question e-mail Debbie Flinchpaugh-Kirby