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UPDATED 02/9/2017

Life After Death by Powerpoint 2010

Don't bore your kids with the same old presentation tools. Even kids get sea-sick with Prezi!

Get familiar with the newest and most engaging presentation tools out there. Start using them in your classroom to engage your students. Then I challenge you to find ways for your students to create projects using these tools. They will love them. You will love them. And your principal will love you for having students create, publish using relevant technology.

Presentation Tools Rethought - Beyond PowerPoint

Infographics -- Data Visualization

So you have this AWESOME graph of deaths during the Holocaust, but somehow your kids are not as "wowed" as you were after you created your same old bar graph. Rethink it! Use data visualization tools, or an infographic, to catch the attention of your students. Better yet, get them creating these infographics to analyze and synthesize information.

Click the picture to the right to see the impact of an info graphic. Or see it here.


Here are links to my collection of presentation resources...

Symbaloo Webmix of Presentation Tools - We've added MANY more from our session with all the wonderful ideas shared during the conference & through twitter.

A lot of you in the presentation were very interested in Prezi, but we didn't have the time to go in depth. Here's the link to the Prezi Manual to help you out!

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