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Llynda More Boots

Llynda More Boots

Llynda More Boots, a two-piece women’s fashion boot that transforms into 30 different styles! Llynda More Boots solve multiple problems for women and offer more features and more benefits than any other fashion boot in the world. They give women more variety, more fit, more comfort, more packability, more storability and more value in one footwear product than ever before.

Llynda More Boots are one-of-a-kind boots that come in two parts, an ankle boot and matching reversible BootTop™. The BootTop stays in place with a unique, patented magnetic design and can be manipulated, shaped and worn 30 different ways. BootTops come in a variety of reversible fabrics, and the ankle boots come in a variety of heel styles. All ankle boots and BootTops are interchangeable, so women can mix and match to quickly and easily create hundreds of classic and popular styles!

Llynda More Boots are specially designed to solve problems for women and take stress out of their lives. Most women cannot easily afford 30 different pairs of boots to go with their numerous outfits. Llynda More Boots give women 30 different styles for the price of just one pair of boots! Many women have a hard time finding a boot that fits both their foot and calf. Llynda More BootTops come in five different sizes so that women can custom fit their calf circumference. Many fashion boots are uncomfortable due to hard foot bed surfaces. Llynda More Boots are designed with a deeper foot bed to accommodate a thick foam insole that cushions the feet. The insole is removable and washable to provide women with more flexibility and freshness. Most conventional one-piece boots are bulky and hard to travel with and store. Because Llynda More Boots come in two parts and are compact, lightweight, they travel and store much easier. In only six inches of suitcase space, a woman can pack the equivalent of 100 boot styles, and in one foot of closet real estate, a woman can fit the equivalent of 30 boot styles. Llynda More Boots are proudly manufactured with vegan, animal-friendly materials.

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More Comfort

Many fashion boots in the market today have foot bed surfaces with little to no padding. Hurts, doesn’t it? A Llynda More Boot solves this discomfort by giving you MORE COMFORT with its specially designed, slightly deeper foot bed that accommodates a 1/4-inch-thick EVA foam insole. The insole is made of lightweight, waterproof material that conforms to the shape of your foot, providing support, alignment and cushioning. It is also removable and washable, so you can enjoy a fresh foot bed under your feet any time you want. If you need more room inside your boot, you can simply take out our insole and insert your own at the thickness you desire. If you need a tighter fit inside the boot, just add another insole on top of ours. Llynda More Boots are all about giving you MORE options!

Can also accommodate Orthodics!