Human Environment Interaction

Dylan DelTufo

What is HEI?

HEI is a short acronym for "Human Environment Interaction". ITs definition is: Human Environmental Interactions can be defined as interactions between the human social system and (the “rest” of) the ecosystem.Human social systems and ecosystems are complex adaptive systems (Marten, 2001). (Google)

Example of Land and Water HEI

In places all over the World, humans are using Pesticides on crops to alleviate the amount of insects on the crops. In Australia, Pesticides have been taking over the Great Barrier Reef. Harmful concentrations of pesticides are being detected up to 60 kilometres inside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, and nearly one-third of the reef is now exposed to these herbicides. How did they get here? The World Wildlife Fund says a decision by the Australian government to lift a three-month moratorium on the use of the pesticide, diuron, on tropical crops like bananas, pawpaw, pineapples and sugar cane is a "disaster" for the reef (The Guardian). Once the weeds are dead, the chemicals are being washed into rivers, estuaries and eventually coral reefs, where they can continue to harm marine plants and threaten the animals that depend upon them.
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Human Health

Pesticides have been linked with effects on human health and that of the environment. Children exposed to pesticides have increased rates of leukemia and brain cancer, and pregnant women with exposure have higher miscarriage rates, according to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. Pesticides may also damage the lungs and nervous system.


Question 1 (Level 1): What are Pesticides?

Question 2 (Level 2): How are pesticides on land harming the Great Barrier Reef?