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Weekly Updates March 21 - 25, 2016

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Martin's Musings

Last week was a good week. Yes, there were moments when things were frustrating, I know. But the bigger picture is that there were great things happening in classrooms and the conversations we had in data teams was focused. Everyone and everything has clear focus - leading students to mastery of standards. We continue to be intentional in our work to make sure we are a learning and leading. Let's keep that focus going.

This week in faculty we will have a little reflection on our work in data teams last week. Then we will quickly move into some work around TPGES.

Reminder - Team Meetings Monday, Mar. 21. Focus on Interventions so bring your data for the plans we created last month.

Who? What? When? Where?

Admin .

Martin - Friday @ CO for Lead and Learn

Hale- in building all week

Wilt - 8th grade scheduling all day Monday; out Tuesday morning

Jury -in building all week

Gift - Monday @ Wright all day - training

East Events

Monday - Team meetings during Planning

  • KUNA - students out all day
  • 8th graders scheduling for 9th grade classes

Tuesday - Faculty

  • KUNA students return
  • Boys Soccer @ HOME vs. NOMS - 5:30 at Athletic Complex
  • Girls Soccer away vs. NOMS

Wednesday -

Thursday - Pep Rally at 3:00

  • Boys soccer vs. West away (Collins)
  • Girls Soccer @ HOME vs. West - 5:30 at Athletic Complex

Friday -