Julia Ward Howe

By; maddy dailey

What did she do

Julia ward Howe was famous for writing a poem called battle Hyme of the republic, later churned into a song. that song was originally thought to be wrote by a man and she was furious,and won back her song. she was one of the first women to be accepted into a collidge and got her degree for being a writer and a professional poet.

Why Was She So Important

This Is Why

she let women know thta men werent the only onews who could fight for what they wanted she was then first women pioneere and she explaimned what she had felt in her poem battle hyme of the republic.

How did she think of such distintive words she was acceptted in to collidge after her father who raised her alone after her mother died shortly after giving birth to her youngest sibling .her father taught her all the way up to grade school. She was later exceppetde int a collidge after appling to many she was one of the first women to ever be accepted into that collidge showing that she had fight in her also.