The Dynamic School

Chapter 3

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The Dynamic School has SHARED DECISION Making

  • Leads to better decisions
  • Increases the likelihood that the decisions will be implemented


The Principal provides time and resources for teachers to engage in leadership activities.

Shared instructional leadership consists of the following:

  • Groups of teachers working together to improve instruction
  • Peer coaching teams
  • Professional learning communities
  • Actions research teams
  • Study groups
  • Curriculum development teams

Collaborative work is vital in shared leadership.

  • Teachers help their peers to become better teachers.

Short version - Professional Learning Animation AITSL
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The development of professional community must become the key driver of improvement. When this happens, deeper changes in both culture and structure can be accomplished.

Characteristics of Dynamic Schools

  • Dynamic schools adapt to internal and external change --Student populations, faculties, and educational needs change over time
  • Dynamic schools make school-community development part of their vision --Schools are intertwined with a larger community
  • Dynamic schools have teachers that "buy-in" --Teachers see themselves as part of a larger enterprise - "a cause beyond oneself"
  • Dynamic schools have effective professional development --Involves teacher’s helping plan and teacher’s delivering the plan

Flipping Professional Development: No teacher bored in the background

Dynamic schools provide a positive learning climate for all students.

Characteristics of positive learning climate:

  • safe environment- students feel physically and emotionally safe.
  • moral tone-teachers deeply care for student’s success
  • healthy relationships-students feel connected to the school. Students associate the school with their family and community.
  • Sense of empowerment- allow student’s to participate in decisions about their learning environment, what they learn and how they learn it. Allow student’s to express creativity during the learning process and in demonstrations of learning.
Building a Positive School Climate - Quality Counts 2013: Code of Conduct

Authentic Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Authentic Curriculum is the “missing link” in effective schools.

Authentic Instruction
  • How we teach trumps what we should teach– Dylan William
  • Genius Hour (Handout & Webinar)

Authentic Assessment
  • Simulation of the outside world.
  • Problem based learning
  • Project based learning
  • Service learning
  • Portfolios
  • Presentations
  • Performances
Eyes Forward Assessment

Dynamic schools gather and analyze data

Dynamic schools are culturally responsive

Dynamic Schools partner with local businesses, colleges and universities.

Katy ISD School-Business Partnerships
2012 BCTAL Presentation (Updated)

Parent –School partnership is vital in Dynamic schools