Friday Fax

December 18, 2015

Christmas Song -- original 1960 Chipmunks cartoon

Week 18 on the Map

Jan 4--Return to 2016

Jan. 11--Progress reports issued-MUST BE DONE BY 8:00

Jan 12--ISTEP Stress test... More details to follow We all have to log on at the same time....

Jan 15-Avilla Night at ENHS BB Game-Details to follow

Jan 19--Guests visiting from South Central--Will be looking at technology--Details to follow

Feb 6th Avilla Staff Night with Komet Hockey--Details to follow

March 6-9 NCA Visitors...

6 more shopping days...

Christmas Break is here and it is time that you must give yourself a gift of relaxation. Please be sure to enjoy time away and bask in time with family and enjoy a few quiet moments. As I get older, I enjoy simply watching OUR kids here, my own at home, and now a grandchild. Also, thanks to all for the gifts you gave me. They will certainly be enjoyed and your generosity is appreciated. Additionally, thanks you all so much for the gift you have given me that I relish on a daily basis. That would be the title of principal at Avilla Elementary!

Merry Christmas to all