Week of October 5th

Greeting Circle

The songs below are what we use for our greeting circle. Your student will use these every morning to get ready for the day.

You will review the STAR, BALLOON, DRAIN, and PRETZEL breathing activities.

Commitment for the week: Have your child pick which commitment they would like to try for the day.



On The Rug
Rise and Shine
Preschool Pledge of Allegiance - LittleStoryBug
Texas Pledge of Allegiance
Balloon Breathing - Conscious Discipline
Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

Morning Message

Parent Write the morning message on a sheet of paper large enough for your child to be able to circle and underline letters.

Today's Morning Message:

Families are fabulous.

Write the message , Read the message, Move your hand under each word as you read. Have your child fill in the blank. Count how many words are in the sentence. Have the child point to the 1st word in the sentence. Have your child find the F and f and circle them.

Moving and Learning

Following Directions Movement Songs

Play a simple game of catch.

Move it and Freeze Extended | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann


Read the Book Meet My Grandparents:

  • Talk about what an author does(writes the words), what the illustrator does(draw the pictures), point to the title(name of the book).
  • Where do you start reading? ( top to bottom, left to right)

Discuss words used to describe relatives: Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa....

Predict what you think the story will be about.

Vocabulary To Review:

  • grandfathers
  • Map


Talk about family.

Remind your child families not only play together, but the work together. Make a list of jobs that get done in the house and name each family member who does those certain jobs. Then, ask child how he/she can be more helpful to the family.

Write the word fabulous down and have your child find the f. Give them the sound to f. Talk about what fabulous means.

Make a venn diagram. An example is given below. Put outside job on top of the first circle, put inside job on top of the second circle, and put both in the middle. Talk about where different jobs are performed, and label them correctly. example ( Cooking could go in the middle under both, because we have a stove to cook on and we have a grill.)

Big picture

Daily Literacy Practice

  1. writing your name
  2. putting together name puzzle
  3. practice saying the letters and sounds of the letter f and F today. Find these letters all over the house and discuss the sound each time.

See Saw Literacy -

Letter Writing: f

P.E. Activities


5 Little Fish | Count to 5 | Fun Learning Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Math and Science

Look around your house and grab five items. In no particular order, place a couple of items under a towel, blindfold your child, and have them take the blindfold off. After 3 seconds have passed reveal the items you have placed under the towel and ask him/her how many items are there. Try to have them answer without counting. However, if they cant do this, it's okay. Allow them to count with their hands touching each item. Do this until you have practiced each number twice.


Story Time

Little Red Riding Hood | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids

Rest Time

Social Studies

Geography is discussed during the reading of Meet My Grandparents.