Sparling Newsletter

Jan. 13, 2021

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! Welcome back to all of our Sparling Stars and thank you to our families for supporting your children with the At Home Learning Week. There was lots of positive energy and smiles to start off the week back at the school!

As we head into 2021 and understanding the very different learning environments we have all been part of since the pandemic started, Sparling will be working hard to focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills. It is vital that we all work together to support our students and our hope is to provide some ideas and excitement so our entire Sparling Community can support! In this newsletter you will find information on how to practice sight words at home and also how to promote reading/literacy at home. Most importantly, we would love to celebrate our Sparling Stars working on literacy both at home and at school. Please send your pictures or videos in to! We would love to share them via our school newsletter and social media. Thank you for your ongoing support!

A friendly reminder with our winter season here to send your child with proper winter clothing. It has been a pretty mild winter so far but we want to ensure students are properly dressed for outdoor activities and recess.


Mrs. Gutmann

January 15 - Collaboration Day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

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Playground Before and After School Use Reminders

Before School

Playground is not available for use at this time as we are trying to ensure cohorts are maintained as best possible

After School

Classes are dismissed at staggered times and it is highly encouraged they go directly home if walking or to their family member picking them up. This is also helpful in maintaining cohorting. Supervision is outside until 3:15pm only. Please ensure you are supervising your children if you are choosing to let them play after school.

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Literacy At Home! Kindergarten to Grade 3 Sight Word Practice!

Every little bit of practice counts! In our upcoming newsletters we are going to share a list of just 5 sight words to practice at home with your child! You can also try some of the following fun activities too! Remember you can also practice sight words at ANY grade level!

- Make your sight words with playdough

- put slime or paint in a ziploc bag, seal, and then write the sight word in paint

- use a bingo dabber to spell your sight words

The key is to take a few minutes each day and practice. If you want to take a picture or video of your child practicing their sight words, please send them to We love to celebrate our Sparling Star Learners in newsletters, social media, and on our daily announcements.


a, and, big, for, go

Grade 1

any, going, him, her, put

Grade 2

always, before, cold, call, gave

Grade 3

about, better, clean, done, draw

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Grade 4 & 5 Literacy Challenge!

It is always good to practice and review sight words. You can check out the Kindergarten to Grade 3 words if you want to review. An additional way to support literacy at home for our Gr. 4 & 5 Sparling Stars....check out the ideas below. Snap a picture and send it in to! We will be recognizing our Real Reading Stars on daily announcements, social media, and our upcoming newsletter.

  • Write in a journal for 5-10 minutes! Have fun, be creative, or even write a letter to Mr. Skinner or Mrs. Gutmann. We will write back
  • Read in a comfy spot for 10 minutes each day!
  • Try Out Epic Books on your device/computer at home
  • Try Scribble Spelling (See Picture Below)
  • Try Out the Digging Deeper Sentence Builder! (See Picture Below)

We cannot wait to see your literacy at home in action!

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