The Mountains

By Marlee N. Taylor.H

Animals On The Mountains

  1. Snow Leopard
  2. Mountain Hare
  3. Golden Snub Nosed Monkey
  4. These are some animals that live on the mountain.This is just the begining there are many more animals on the mountain.

Plants That Grow On The Moutain



Grasses And Sedges

There are less plants than animals on the moutain.

The Rainfall And Climate

The climate is 18 thow 40 o'c

We think that the rainfall is a lot because it rains sea level.

How Plants Help Animals




Animals depend on plants by air,food ,shelter

How Animals Help Plants

Fluffly animals carry seeds on the fluffy fur and spred the plant so more of the plant will grow.

Where We Got From

We got this from...


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