Abraham Lincolns' Life

By Melissa Laguna

1. Abraham Lincoln Birth Date And Death Date

Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12, 1809. He Was Born In Kentucky. His birth house was in the log cabins in Kentucky. Then years came by, Abe became the 16th president of the United States. At the age 56 he went to Fords' Theater to go watch a play called Our American Cousin In Washington DC. Then a man named John Wilkes Booth got a gun and shot Abe in the head. John Wilkes was killed by the Union solders.

2. Abraham Lincolns Childhood And Adulthood

Abe Lincoln was born and raised in a small log cabin in the woods of Kentucky. Also, his young family, had to move to Indiana. Few years past and Abe became a lawyer, US president, US Representative.

3. What Is Abe Famous For???

Abe Lincoln is famous because Abe was a Civil Rights activist, the US president, and he stopped slavery in 1863. He was a nice guy and smart because he wanted slavery to stop. I think slavery should of never stared in the first place. In that moment that Abe was thinking for others and not being selfish.

4 And 6. What Did I Learn From Lincoln???

What I can learn about Lincoln is that he stopped slavery. He had slaves but when Abe saw other people slaves he did not the white people treated the slaves. He sop slavery for a good reason. He saw people suffering a lot. Abe hated slavery. He wanted it to stop.

5. Abe's Quote

"What Ever You Are Be A Good One"

7. 5 Words For Abe

If I had to describe Abe I would say smart, unselfish, friendly, responsible, and a hero for African Americans.
Lincoln's Secret Killer?

More Information

Lincoln had cancer and he also had nerves on his mouth. If John would of not shot Lincoln he would of died of cancer. Three of Lincoln's sons had died but one son had not died.