Description words:

Short Tempered, Peaceful, Athletic, Passionate, Outgoing, Easy-Going, Generous, Childlike, Boisterous, Absent-Minded

My Hobbies

I like to go outside and adventure, I play sports, and I like to spend time with my friends and family.

My Influences

My biggest influences are my family. Mostly my brothers, because they are a lot older and know what to do in certain situations. I have seen their mistakes and what the mistakes do to you and your family, so I now know what to do right and wrong.

Favorite book and movie

My favorite book would have to be Ice Dogs and favorite movie would be Tomorrowland.

The Places I've Been

I have gone to Falls Creek, which is a Church camp. It impacted me because that is where I feel close to God, and I get to spend time with my friends during the summer.

Stitches by Shawn Mendes

I thought that I've been hurt before
But no one's ever left me quite this sore
Your words cut deeper than a knife

I think this explains me because I have been hurt before and I didn't know that words could hurts worse than a knife.

Quote That Explains Me

"A single rose can be my garden.. a single friend, my world."

- Leo Buscaglia

If you only have one friend then you can have no worries on who is going to be there for you, because all of your trust is in one person.

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