Bentley Hunter

U.S. Capitol Building


The designer was Dr. William Thornton. He was born May 20, 1759, in Tortola, British Virgin Island. He had English parents. He went to school in Scotland and studied medicine. He got a medical degree in 1784. They had a contest for who was going to design the U.S. Capitol and Dr. William Thorton won the competition.


There was a competition for the U.S. Capitol. The winning entry was designed by : Dr. William Thorton. There was 3 people competing. 5 buildings entered in the competition.

The Burning of the U.S. Capitol

The British did not like Washington D.C. so they decided to torch it. It was burned when the 2 wings were built and the dome was being built. It was rebuilt in 1815 after the British torched it.


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