Miller In Critical Condition

He let his head get too big, now his head is too big!

The Miller is suffering with a coma at the local doctors home where he has been for the past two days. He has a massive bump on his head and has lost a fair amount of blood due to a accident created by his boastfulness. Azakar Hadfin, a witness of the accident, tells us about what he saw. "We had been listening to the Miller while he was riding through our village. He was claiming how he could break doors with his head; I didn't really question this statement. One of the more riotous villagers, Frendor, overheard the Miller's claims," says Hadfin. "Frendor stopped the Miller and told him that he would get more respect and fame if he proved this statement." Other witnesses say that he suddenly got off his horse and ran as fast as he could to the nearest door. He hit the door with impact and immediately fell to the floor with blood rushing from his head.

Bumps Take Time to Heal

The doctor taking care of the Miller says although he is healing, there are no signs of how long the healing will last. At the rate the Miller is going he is expected to be out and about by next Winter.

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