Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights Hero

Martin, Growing Up Strong.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Michael Luther King Jr. On January 15, 1929. He attended segregated public schools in Georgia. His grandfather and his father were ministers and his mother was a school teacher and taught Martin how to read before he started school. King had a brother named Alfred and a sister named Christine. Martin was such a great student he skipped two grades and graduated high school at the age of 15. Martin earned many degrees and became the president of the boycott incident of city buses, he was also elected president of a senior white class in Pennsylvania. He was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People. He Received the Nobel Peace Prize and became a pastor at the Dexter Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

Civil Rights Hero.

King Jr. Was a very strong worker for the civil rights of African Americans . He did many Public speakings all around the world and he put a big impact on many peoples life and influenced every race. Blacks and white supported him and he was a wonderful man to many people. But Many whites tried to stop him and even kill him. Martin Was arrested, his house was bombed, he was subjected to personal base, but he emerged as a Negro Leader of the first Bank. He settled down a bit in Boston and met a woman named Corretta who he married and had two daughters and two sons with. Then he later became a minister like his father and grandfather. Martin organized a big protest in Washington D.C in 1963 where hundreds of thousands of Americans, Blacks and whites took part. At the Lincoln memorial, King held his most famous" I Have A Dream" Speech. The march was a big Success! The American Government Passed a law(Amendments) that gave African Americans the same rights as whites!.
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Necessity of Struggle for Justice and Freedom

The Assassination Of Martin Luther King Jr.

At 6:01 p.m on April 4th. 1968, Civil rights leader. Martin Luther King Jr. was hit by a snipers bullet while standing on the balcony in the front of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, when without warning, he was shot. The bullet entered Martin's Right check, went through his neck and finally stopped at his shoulder blade. He was Immediately taken to a nearby Hospital, but he was pronounced dead at 7:05 p.m His Assassin was a white racist named James Earl Ray. Earl was arrested, but many people including some of Martin's own family believed he was innocent. Martin Luther King was a man of powerful speaking, leader of African Americans rights, a man of vision and Determination, But not just that, but he was also a beloved man by millions of people.


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