Renaissance Revival

Academics, Attitude, Action --- April 3, 2020

Renaissance Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help students identify and learn how to cope and overcome their academic and behavioral challenges in order to become productive and responsible members within Warren Township school population and community at large."


"I never lose. I either WIN or Learn." Nelson Mandela

School Closed Remainder of Year

Per Governor Holcomb’s executive order, all Warren Township schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Even though we will not be meeting in person, we are excited to reconnect virtually with your students via Learn at Home activities starting the week of April 13th.

In order to facilitate high quality Learn at Home activities we will provide a school-issued device for any student who needs one during this time. Devices will enhance the learning process and provide opportunities for students to interact with their teachers and classmates virtually. Interested families should complete a Device Request Form at so we can prepare devices to be picked up. In order to facilitate a safe and efficient process our school has been assigned a date and time for devices to be picked up.

Renaissance students needing devices will pick up devices at their home schools. Times for pick up have been provided below.

The Device Request Form is accessible with any device (cell phone, computer, tablet). If you arrive without completing the form, you will be asked to complete the form before a device will be issued. During distribution, all family members should line up in each school's designated car rider line and remain in their vehicle at all times. A school staff member will meet you at your car to check in and deliver the device to you.

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Free Lunch Available-- Expanded Food Outreach--

To provide increased quantities of meals and to lessen the need to travel on a daily basis, we are adjusting and expanding our food outreach program. We have added a Wednesday evening food outreach site at Post Road Christian Church and now Lakeside Elementary from 5:30 - 7:00. Wednesday locations will distribute a total of 8 meals. Starting next week, we will be distributing 6 meals on Tuesdays and 8 meals on Fridays at now 11 locations from 11:00 -1:00. Eastridge and Hawthorne will be added as Tuesday / Friday locations.


MSD Warren Township is offering an evening distribution of food every Wednesday at Post Road Christian Church from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. Families should use the south entrance of the church parking lot and go to the Family Life Center door.

Our other 9 locations will continue to offer meals Monday - Friday between 11:00am - 1:00pm.

  • Warren Central High School
  • Pleasant Run Elementary
  • Creston Intermediate Middle School
  • Raymond Park Intermediate Middle School
  • Stonybrook Intermediate Middle School
  • Braeburn Village Apartments
  • Knoll Ridge Apartments
  • Washington Pointe Apartments
  • Shiloh Estates Mobile Home Park

Each Friday, additional food will be shared to assist families over the weekend.

If you find yourself in need beyond what is being offered, a District Community Outreach hotline and email have been created. You can either call 317-869-4308 or email with your information. Someone from the district will contact you as soon as possible.

A Principal's Perspective ---Updates

All classrooms in Indiana will remain closed through the end of the academic year, State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick announced Thursday at the press conference with Governor Eric Holcomb. The Governor also signed an Executive Order to that effect. The Indiana State Board of Education has provided guidance on how the 2020 Cohort will be eligible for earning an Indiana diploma and this was also signed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jennifer McCormick.


Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon are unlocking hotspot access to everyone's cell phones. Please see the links below for more information.


Below are some important links for you to review.


The district is still waiting on guidance from the Department of Education. Continue to work on course work. Reminder teachers are available via email.

I miss you all! Stay safe and well. I am available any time via email

Middle School Moment

Hello, Renaissance Middle School kids! You would not believe how much your teachers are missing you! We know that we all struggle at times, but when it comes down to the absolute truth, you are ALL “our” kids. We always worry about you, whether you like it or not. But during this unexpected break away from you, we are worrying double-time. (And you know Mrs. Nowling already worries like a professional, lol.) So let us hear from you. Our email addresses are at the bottom of this notice, and we are checking email daily. We promise to answer you.

If you are bored out of your mind or just sick of the same old games on your cell phones (I know I am!!), here are some suggestions of things for you to do.

Mrs. Nowling says to play games with your people. Monopoly, PayDay. Yahtzee, Black Jack, and so on. All of these games, and many more, help sharpen your basic math skills while being fun at the same time. If you’re more of a loner, there is always Cool Math Games to fall back on. Ms. Craycroft suggests that, too.

We all are concerned that your stress levels might be a little bit high, so Mrs. Shaw suggests that you remember your breathing techniques that you’ve been working on in her class all year. Practice a few of these to calm yourself and lower your stress.

Miss Olivia suggests that you Google some of the Yoga moves that you’ve worked on together and practice them at home. We will have a “Most Improved” Yoga contest when we get back to school. There will be prizes! You could also teach yoga to your family members just for fun.

Ms. Craycroft would like for you to read every day. It doesn’t matter WHAT you read. Go online and read about your favorite celebrity or sports figure, read a Graphic Novel, maybe even read the book that Mrs. Taylor sent home with you. But please read!

All of your teachers want to encourage you to continue to watch CNN10. It’s 10 minutes out of your day and might help you better understand what is happening in our community and the world. Here’s the address:

Your assignment: What do you think next week’s affirmation should be? Send your responses to all of us. Be safe!

Middle School Team

CORE/Success, Mrs. Shaw,

Math: Mrs. Nowling,

English: Ms. Craycroft,

Dean's Corner -- Discussion With The Dean


I know that there are tons of questions and a lot of "what ifs" spreading around. Please make sure you access the district or the school's website if there are any questions regarding school. The district is doing its best to keep you as informed as possible. Phone calls and email messages will continue to go out regularly to update you on what's happening.

Student Success Handbook for Warren Township:

Counselor Corner -- Conversation With the Counselor

First let me say I miss seeing our Renaissance students each day and I hope you are doing well.

I want to encourage all students to continue working on APEX and Google classroom from home. Many of you discussed working from home during spring break anyway - so please take this time to focus on school if you can.

While we have been out I have been looking up things students can do from home that are educational but not necessarily school work. AND as always, I'm thinking about your future and life after high school. This website from the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC) is a great way to "get your feet wet" in the world of cyber security and do fun activities from home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs in Information Security Analysis will rise by 32%. The median salary is $98,000!!

The National Center for Women & IT has this great website filled with resources on computing-related and educational activities you can do from home as well.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to email!

FAFSA - the FAFSA deadline is April 15th.

Important Dates

SAT registration information

Next Date March 14, 2020--Rescheduled

Registration February 14, 2020

Late Registration February 16-March 3, 2020.

Upcoming ACT Registration Deadline:

Next Date April 4, 2020-- Rescheduled

Registration February 28, 2020

Late Registration February 9-March 13, 2020

ACT registration information

Reminder: All of our 21st Century Scholars must take the SAT or ACT to claim their scholarship. Please see information below

Social Worker Corner-- Social Work Insight

MSD Warren Township and Chartwells are committed to providing meals to all school age children for each day our schools are closed, including spring intersession break. Additionally, on Fridays of each week, supplementary food items will be available to help support our families over the weekend.

Meals can be picked up between 11:00 – 1:00, Monday – Friday at the following DISTRICT locations. Please use the main entrance at each of these locations.

Creston Intermediate Middle School – 10925 E Prospect St, 46239

Pleasant Run Elementary School – 1800 N Franklin Road, 46219

Raymond Park Intermediate Middle School – 8575 E Raymond Street, 46239

Stonybrook Intermediate Middle School – 11300 Stonybrook Drive, 46229

Warren Central High School – 9500 E 16th Street, 46229

Meals can also be picked up between 11:00 – 1:00, Monday – Friday at the following COMMUNITY satellite locations. Yellow district school busses will be used to distribute food at these locations.

Braeburn Village Apartments – 2170 Braeburn E Drive, 46219

Knoll Ridge Apartments – 11415 Knollridge Ln, 46229

Shiloh Estates Mobile Home Park – 7441 Chinook Cir, 46219

Washington Pointe Apartments – 625

Bellhaven Place, 46229

If you are not able to participate at the above locations and have a significant need for food or other support, you can contact our MSD Warren Township Community Outreach Hotline, 1-317-869-4308 and leave a message with your information. This line will be monitored Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM and someone from MSD Warren Township will contact you as soon as possible.

Additional Assistance Information

Warren Township Trustee - Food and Household Vouchers - Eligibility Requirements

● Hours: Open, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

● Website:

● Address: 501 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219

● Phone: (317) 327-8947 La Plaza

● Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. *Closed for lunch from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

● Website:

● Address: 8902 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46226

● Phone: (317) 890-3292

Information on how to get internet access:

● Charter Communications will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access to homes with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a subscription for a limited time. Installation fees will also be waived for these households. Enroll by calling 844-488- 8395.

● Charter will also continue Spectrum Internet Assist, a program offering low-cost broadband internet of 30 Mbps for low-income households without school-aged children.

● Comcast, which owns Xfinity, will offer 60 days free and increased speeds for new families who join the Internet Essentials program, an internet access program for low-income families that is normally $9.95 a month.

● AT&T announced on Friday it would not cancel service and would waive late fees for any wireless, home phone, broadband residential or small business customer experiencing hardships because of the coronavirus pandemic and can't pay their bills.

● Qualifying low-income households can apply for $10 a month internet access through the Access from AT&T program. Fixed Wireless Internet and Wireline customers can use unlimited internet data. AT&T will also keep public Wi-Fi hotspots open.

Stay Well!

Senior Student Success


There has been a change in the Cap and Gowns. Students will be wearing one color(Black)with the cap(black)and tassel(black and gold).The price has changed to $34.00 dollars. All else will stay the same. Students may go to the website ( to access the picture of the Cap and Gown.

College and Career Planning

Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help Hoosiers of all ages complete education and training beyond high school. Go to this website and take personality quizzes, research potential careers and educational opportunities, build a resume and more!

Financial Aid Information

Is your student a 21st Century Scholar? Log on to ScholarTrack to check your student's enrollment status, update contact information or check progress on their required ScholarTrack activities.

Financial Aid for Seniors

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications are available on October 1, 2019. Stay tuned for information about a FAFSA Completion night at Renaissance when we will go through the application process.

Also, be sure to follow the College and Career Readiness page on twitter for regular updates!


CORE CORNER --Civility

Core Character Trait Spotlight For the Month of March is: Civility

Civility comes from the word civilis, which in Latin means "citizen". Merriam Webster defines civility as civilized conduct (especially: courtesy or politeness) or a polite act or expression. Historically, civility also meant training in the humanities.

“Genuine tolerance does not mean ignoring differences as if differences made no difference. Genuine tolerance means engaging differences within a bond of civility and respect.” “Practice civility toward one another. Admire and emulate ethical behavior wherever you find it

Raptor Visitor Management System

Currently, every visitor who enters our building is asked to present a state of federal ID, such as a Driver’s License, and it is scanned into the Raptor System. Once the visitor has been approved, the office staff enters the reason, destination of the visit and the Raptor System will print a photo ID visitor badge. If for any reason a parent or guardian does not have a U.S. government-issued ID, the staff member can use any form of ID and manually enter the person’s name into the Raptor System. Beginning November 11, 2019, this will apply to our PreK-4 campuses as well.

A photo ID visitor badge is not required for those who visit our schools to drop off an item or pick-up paperwork at the front desk. Further, they may drop off their items(s) or remain in the waiting area until their student is available. Please be aware that current practices established in each building remain in effect.

The safety of our students is our highest priority. The Raptor Visitor Management System provides us with a consistent process of knowing who is in our buildings at all times as well as a tool to identify those individuals who may present a danger to our students and staff.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support towards enhancing school safety protocols in our district. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here at Renaissance at 317-532-2996.

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