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Date 4-29-16

Has The Us Taken The War Too Far

In today's news it's about the middle east and how the US affects it. So in today newspaper were going to bring some facts you proudly didn't know about the war. The war has costed us about 10 billion dollars which we have thrown into the war to stop it. We have done 8,216 airstrikes and had as many as 5,000 troops in the middle east at a time now in my eyes that's a little over kill. Countering that most counties come nowhere near these numbers. But we have started to cut back on this and now only have about 500 troops in the middle east traung iran and syria troupes.

Have We Accomplished Anything In The War

Written by:Kaden Enters

We have been in the war for a long time and it doesn't seem that we have accomplished anything in the war. But airstrikes assistance to local forces are making progress but most people wonder what the. US have done to help in the war. We have made a Afghanistan's public health care system. Rapidly increase the life expectancy in the middle east so fastes that it is fastest ever adsorbed on the planet.


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Will It End In The Middle East

Most people ask will it ever end in the middle east and we mostel most don't know. But the US has started to take troops out of the middle east and started training the local militares. But for most people want more from our militares to get rid of the war the best way to get rid of the war is to use a outside power. Which could side with a party to win. The most obvious way to end the is through outright military victory which most people think is the best way. But so far has not proved it self.