Tech Bytes

Your Weekly Techspiration!


Smore is one of my favorite tools for creating newsletters and flyers! It is visually stunning and user-friendly. Smore provides the templates and takes care of the formatting - the user is just responsible for plugging in the content. I hope you enjoy this format as I share amazing tech integration ideas from your classrooms!

Photo of the Week

Check out this second grader using Prezi to present his Flat Stanley project! Ask your students if they've ever heard of Prezi as an alternate tool to PowerPoint.

Classroom Connection

Are you familiar with screencasting? The term is used to describe a digital recording of your computer screen. All staff members with laptops have the ability to create a screencast using the SMART Recorder. Check out how a 4th grade teacher is using screencasts to reteach math concepts: Click here

Experiment with SMART Recorder by going to Start --> All Programs --> SMART Technologies --> SMART Tools --> Recorder